That's it! I'm shutting it down!

At least for the time being... ManCamping is shutting down.

I've run for over 7 years, and I've loved every minute of it. I've met so many awesome folks that I'll be friends with for life and that in itself was worth every second of running this site.

Unfortunately, my time is needed elsewhere at the moment. My full-time job (that helps fight Covid-19) needs my attention.

Couple that with the unavailability of many of products and order shipping issues ... I can't deliver the level of customer care I want to.

So for the foreseeable future... I'm shutting her down. I hope to reopen once I have even an ounce of free time.

All customers waiting on orders will be contacted and refunded.

Hopefully, I'll talk to you all sooner than later! Stay healthy and safe.