Aside postScore 1 for Gut-Feeling, Score -1 For Brain

This is too funny not to share. 

A few weeks ago, I was talking to my friend Rob who was going on a Canoe trip through Killarney Provincial Park.  He invited me along on the trip and I was more than happy to go. All I need to do is find a paddle mate.  The trip was planned for Thursday to Sunday. It wasn’t a big loop, it was about 25km all together. However, I would have to find them out in the bush because we weren’t leaving till Friday. 

I made some half-assed plans with Matt Olsen from Paddle In. He didn’t really know about the plans because he was in Temagami with his family… I more or less just sent him a Facebook message telling him that as soon as he gets out of the bush, we were going right back in lol. When Matt came out of the bush, he had lost enough blood from the bugs that he need a transfusion and probably a break. So Matt had to decline. 

I contemplated going and finding Rob and his buddy solo, which I was fairly confident that I could do.  But there was something that was holding me back. Was it the bugs? Was it the weather? I couldn’t put my finger on it. I saw all kinds of photos from campers and canoeists online that were ravaged and pilfered by bugs in ungodly ways… but that has never stopped me before. So what was wrong? I packed my bag on Friday morning getting ready to leave… I decided to listen to my gut and declined to go. 

This morning I messaged Rob to see how the trip was and torture myself for not going.  His response: ” Hah. You must have dates mixed up. lol We’re going in July!” … Say what?  If I had gone, I would have been paddling my sorry ass around Killarney solo… cursing and swearing up a storm trying to find these guys, getting eaten alive by blackflies mosquitoes and pushing on wards due to pride, all just to spend a weekend alone in the woods.

I’m not opposed to the solo trip… I’ve done it before. However, due to the expectation that my friends were out here somewhere…  that would have been a trip report with about 1400 swear words written over and over and over again! I’ll get you guys the actual trip report when it ACTUALLY  happens in July. 

Lesson: Put the dates on the fridge… use a calendar… tell your wife the right dates so she can correct your dumb ass… or write the damn dates down. lol.



Aside postHow To Clean Your Kelly Kettle

How to Clean Your Kelly Kettle


If you have a Kelly Kettle, this will be great info for you. If you don’t have one or don’t know what a Kelly Kettle is or how it works, this will give you some insight as to how they work! 

Pick up a Kelly Kettle for yourself in our store

Note: We actually use the camping gear we show you here on Just in case you;re wondering why it doesn’t look brand new out of the box! 🙂 

Kelly Kettles are amazing pieces of camp gear. But like all equipment, you should take care of it.  How often you clean them is up to you… We clean ours every few years. 

A Kelly Kettle works like this… 

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Aside postMaster Bushman In Temagami

Have you ever received clues as to how your camping weekend was going to go before the trip even started? We have. This trip was doomed to be hilarious from the get go and we could see it coming. Well most of it.

Seems Legit…. I get this photo from Brad after he picked up our loaner boat lol

And of course… When your camping friend isn’t coming on the camping trip… You have to make fun of him. So this was also sent out before the trip started.


We drove up to the Temagami area  on Friday night… and the trip  was underway..

After camping out in the truck at the Matamagasi Lake access Friday night, we continue driving up a logging road to get to our launch spot on Saturday morning. Fallen trees, a few washed out roads to cross and following a map that was terrible… We finally found the portage that cross the road (Wolf lake to the South and Dewdney to the North.) We unloaded the canoes and all the gear and headed for the water.

This photo makes us look like we’re about to drop the most badass rap album of 2017!

We checked the crappy map and pushed off the first canoe. Brad and Johnny loaded their gear in the second canoe… A canoe given to us by my father in-law. It’s an older canoe, but has seen some mileage and had been on many trips before. I was excited to have this boat with us… it’s probably more experienced than all of us! But I’ll sum up what happened in one sentence: Boat goes in water, gear goes in boat, boat fills with water. Whoops… Maybe we should have tested this canoe first. There is not one… But four holes in the bottom of said boat.

Brad and Johnny…Not so impressed with the first 5 minutes of the trip lo

We pull out the gear and re-shore the boat. Gathering around the boat, we all stare at the boat like men looking at a car with the hood up. “What are our options boys?”

A Master Bushman is not someone who knows everything; But someone who can adapt, adjust and rework things to handle an situation thrown at him.

Clearly we have two options:
1. Drive to Sudbury and rent a boat (only about 4 hours worth of time and driving)
2. We’re ManCamping: We can fix the boat!

Option 2 it is. We get to work layering Tuck Tape and Gorilla tape as boat-length Band-Aids across this beast. We have now gone through the boat naming conventions and eventually came to calling this boat The SS HopeSheFloats. 


More on this trip to come!

Aside postReasons I’ve told my wife that I need to go camping.

8 Foolproof excuses to go camping when your other half doesn’t want you too. Actual reasons I’ve told my wife why I need to go camping.

The long weekend is coming up in a few short days. This usually marks the start of the paddling season for many people. But what do you do if your other half, doesn’t want you to go?

Luckily, this year my wife can’t wait to come with me, but other people aren’t always so lucky. Never fear, ManCamping is here to help. Below are some fool proof excuses that we’ve come up with to help you get out into the wild. Go on ManCamper… Through one of these reasons in the air and go enjoy your weekend. 

  1.  I’ve peed on things that I will lose ownership of if I don’t update my pee on again soon… Dogs and wolves do it…
  2. It’s good for my mental health and you constantly ask if I need help.. or of I’ve had myself checked lately.
  3. You need some time away from me.. your starting to swing that frying pan at me so hard your losing control of it.
  4. Reuniting my canoe with a lake is the most romantic thing I can think of.. you understand.. I’m doing this for love.
  5. I’m just going to go get some milk… (Comes back 3 days later)… With milk.
  6. I met a beaver tribe that have made me their king. I must lead my people.
  7. I’m going to see this guy about a new puppy. (Works EVERY time)
  8. Buy her a trip to Iceland.. Yes this has actually happened in the ManCamping world. I’m serious 😎

Happy paddling!

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