Aside postOutdoor Gear: Flashlight Buying Guide

Outdoor Gear: Flashlight Buying Guide


Do you know what to look for when buying a flashlight or a headlamp? Do you know what all the new fancy flashlight terms are all about? You wouldn’t think it is that complicated, would you? It’s not if you’re headed to Crappy Tire to purchase a throw away, super heavy, everyday flashlight, or picking up a basic headlamp from Walmart for the weekend. However, if you’re looking for a good piece of gear, you should put a little more thought into it. As always, ManCamping is here to help. Here is a guide to what you need to know when buying a flashlight for your adventures.  You can use this guide for headlamps, or flashlights, they both use the same terminology.

The Terms You Need to Know: Continue reading

Aside postNew Dog, New Captain, New Paddler & New Park

Frost Center Launch

Did you read that title? That is a lot of “new”. 

This particular trip we headed to a park that we had not been to before. We were looking for an easy paddle, that wasn’t too long and wasn’t too far. I know, not my usual M.O. 

We decided on heading up to Frost Center in Haliburton ON. We only had two nights for this trip so we headed up there on Friday. Meeting up at the car pool on highway 9 and highway 400. We grabbed our friends, packed my truck more than it has ever been packed before, and we were off…. the long way.  (Now it is sounding more like a ManCamping trip right?) Continue reading

Aside postCrickets… Crickets …Crickets

There have been a few crickets here over the past few weeks. Not because we have been in the woods unfortunately. 


We’ve been a little busy over the past month, and for good reason.  Last month we were part of the 150for150 up in Algonquin park. An amazing event that brought together 150 canoes to celebrate Canada’s 150th birthday.   The event went great! Despite the rain and the hoards of bugs, people came out, dressed up their boats and were in great spirits. We managed to get 150 canoes in one big circle that day. I am amazed that many boats could e organized to e honest lol.  Unfortunately, I did not get many photos from this event but you can see them all over Facebook and Instagram (#150for150). Continue reading

Aside postScore 1 for Gut-Feeling, Score -1 For Brain

This is too funny not to share. 

A few weeks ago, I was talking to my friend Rob who was going on a Canoe trip through Killarney Provincial Park.  He invited me along on the trip and I was more than happy to go. All I need to do is find a paddle mate.  The trip was planned for Thursday to Sunday. It wasn’t a big loop, it was about 25km all together. However, I would have to find them out in the bush because we weren’t leaving till Friday. 

I made some half-assed plans with Matt Olsen from Paddle In. He didn’t really know about the plans because he was in Temagami with his family… I more or less just sent him a Facebook message telling him that as soon as he gets out of the bush, we were going right back in lol. When Matt came out of the bush, he had lost enough blood from the bugs that he need a transfusion and probably a break. So Matt had to decline.  Continue reading

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