Aside postThe Real Way To Make Bacon Salt

How to Make Bacon Salt

The Real Way To Make Bacon Salt

You love bacon. You put bacon in every recipe you can right? Well, have you ever tried bacon salt? You can use bacon salt anywhere you would use normal salt and it will add the wonderful bacon flavor your looking for!  (insert drooling and slobbering here)

When we first attempted making this – we failed. We failed enough times to perfect it so that you can enjoy it without the disappointment and waste of bacon. Now we are going to let you in on the super simple secrets of making bacon salt! Have we said bacon salt enough times to make you hungry?

This recipe has some powerful flavors so when you add it to your food, use it sparingly or throw caution to the wind and just go for it.  Your out there canoeing, hiking and adventuring your ass off, so you need to put the salt back in you anyways.  Continue reading

Aside postNew Armytek Flashlights on

Armytek Flashlight Partner C2 Pro V3 XHP35

We’ve got exciting news! We have a few of the new Armytek flashlights on

We took a stroll down to the Armytek office and picked up three new flashlights. They have some of the same names as the models we currently carry but these new Armytek flashlights are even brighter than before. They could blind a bear and light up the skinny dippers from across the lake before, were not sure where to go from there to describe the new ones. Soooo… lets all be surprised but what comes out of our mouths on this one. 

A few quick points in case you are not familiar.

  • Lumens : the amount of light produced. (1500 lumens is roughly equal to a 100w light bulb
  • Beam distance: How far the light will reach
  • All Armytek flashlights use 18650 batteries and they last a REALLY long time. We have taken them 7 day trips, and continued to use them around the house for an additional month before even thinking about recharging the batteries. 

First up : The Armytek Partner C2 Pro V3 XHP35

Armytek Flashlight Partner C2 Pro V3 XHP35

Armytek Flashlight Partner C2 Pro V3 XHP35

Yes we know the names of the lights are incredible long and complex. We didn’t name them. But it sounds so technical, that it reminds us of being a secret agent with a Continue reading

ManCampingWomen Wrap Up


ManCampingWomen Wrap Up

Wow… By the looks of things, everyone loved the ManCampingWomen week! We had four wonderful women posting about their stories, what they’ve learned and how they got through the “fun” times. Yes we were supposed to have one more to make it a solid five ManCampingWomen, but things don’t always work out as planned. That’s why we are ManCamping. Don’t judge us!!!

I wanted to thank all our ManCampingWomen – Ashley Young, Tierney Angus, Ashley Levacas and Gayle Labuz for joining in. Make sure to check out their websites for more of their stories. Although, I am almost certain, they don’t always tell the ManCamping side of their stories lol.  There is a link to each of their websites and a link to their stories below if you missed them earlier this week.  Continue reading

Eventful Camping Education

Gaylr Labuz - SometimesEventful

Eventful Camping Education

I have a confession. I’m more of a ManCamper than my husband. He’s all about planning and checklists and preparation. Me…. Not so much. There are certain things I’m not really allowed to do when it comes to getting ready for trips, and that’s mostly because I “may” have not accomplished the task very well in the past. Although, he continues to give me responsibility for packing food. This is odd because I usually miscalculate portions and always seem to bring too little of some stuff – like coffee – and too much of other stuff – like pasta. And then there was the time(s) when I completely miscalculated how much dog food we needed. Let’s say the dog thought it was awesome to be sharing the people food. 

*Sigh*. I don’t do it on purpose.  It just kind of happens.   Continue reading