Aside postNew – Kelly Kettle Hobo Stove

Kelly Kettle Hobo Stove

It’s a bit ridiculous how excited we get when there is a UPS delivery notice on our door. It means new toys have come in! For any camper, new camping gear day is the best day of the year!

Kelly Kettle Hobo StoveWe’re always looking for new items for and we’re happy to announce that we have added to our line of Kelly Kettle products! Check out the Kelly Kettle Hobo Stove.

The Hobo stove uses your Kelly Kettle’s fire base to allow you to cook over the fire with pots and pans.  Now you can use your Kelly Kettle to cook anything you want, all without using gas. Can you say fire cooked bacon without your mouth watering? We doubt it.



Any size pot or pan can be used with the Hobo Stove.  Want to know the best part? It doesn’t take up any space. The Hobo Stove packs away neatly inside the fire base (even with the cook set and camp cups!). – Scout and BaseCamp Models.

Use the natural material around you (twigs, pine cones, etc) to cook up your next ManFood meal in the wilderness.  The Hobo Stove has an opening on one side for feeding the fire without removing your pots during cooking.

Take a look and pick up your Kelly Kettle Hobo Stove! 


Aside postSnowy Drinking – Winter Camping

ManCamping Winter Camping

Snowy Drinking – Because I’m not sure if this actually counts as winter camping.

We did camp out for a night, but it was more of a “We need to get out, blow off some steam and try this out” type of trip.  My wife Meghan, our buddy Brad and I tagged along on our neighbor Johnny K’s yearly overnight trip to an undisclosed location. It’s undisclosed because I am pretty sure that we were in some grey-area land that is currently under dispute, or maybe we were just plain trespassing. If we were, I’ll call ‘squatter’s rights’ as Johnny K and his boys have been camping there for years. That’ll work right?  Stories of locals passive-aggressively writing on car windows with lipstick to show their discontent were shared with me, but women have done much worse to my car than write on it, so I’ll risk it. This trip was a simple Saturday night in the bush for a bonfire, some drinks and a camp out. Continue reading

Aside postThe Frist Solo Camping Trip – The Moose Attack

Solo Camping Trip ManCamping

Have you attempted your first solo camping trip yet? I have, and I am about to tell you the story of it. It went as you might expect… horribly hilarious. It’s pretty much the only way I role.

I went on my solo camping trip a while back (Summer 2014), and now that the temperature in Ontario is feeling like spring, it got me thinking; it is time to tell the tale. You would think that my reasons for doing the trip would be survival, for the thrill, for the skill… but you’d be wrong. My solo camping trip was a result of everyone else being busy, and I wanted to go. Pretty simple. I wanted too, I wanted to see if I could do it, and I wanted to see if I liked it. I enjoy the hell out of my own company so why not? I wanted to head out on a canoe trip, so I started asking around to see who else wanted to go. The wife was busy with working, my family mostly thinks I am nuts for going drinking with the bugs, and some of the regular camping boys were busy with family events. My canoe however, was ready and willing and so was my flask. “Looks like I’m headed out alone”. A man doesn’t stop what he wants to do because of other people! Right? Continue reading

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