About ManCamping

Man Camping – Paddle Far, Push Your Limits, Bring Booze

Use your head: Don’t drink and boat. Save the drinks for camp, not the canoe.

it’s not a gender thing; it’s a state of mind and lack of planning thing.

What is this wonderful site?
This is the lost art of trekking through the wilderness like a man!

Definition: Man Camping
Pronounced: Man-Cam-Ping (Noun & Verb)

1.  Backcountry camping without essential equipment, due to intoxicated planning or total lack there of.
2. Paddling
3. Wilderness shenanigans that can only occur when men congregate together near water, canoes and booze.


We represent the average guy (or girl) heading out into the woods. We are not pro’s but, it’s also not amateur hour around here.

ManCamping was started by a few friends adventuring out in the woods on canoe trips. We enjoy our cigars, our scotch, we’re rough on our gear, and we don’t follow instructions well. We make hilariously bad decisions, get into some pretty rough terrain and have a blast while we do it. We’re ManCamping – That’s what we do.  After spending enormous amounts of time and money buying the latest camping gear, breaking poor quality equipment, and basically beating the hell out of camping equipment while we do ridiculous things in the wilderness, we came to a realization – We can’t continue to do the things we do, the way we do them, with the junk equipment that is sold in most camping stores. We need quality gear that supports us while we make our terrible decisions, and head out on our poorly planned misadventures.  Gear that stands up to what were is going to put it through. Isn’t that what your gear is supposed to do?

This is where our shop comes in. We share our advice, misadventure stories and promote the idea of ManCamping on our blog, but our store holds the gear we recommend (and use ourselves) to support your misadventures and bad ideas. Rugged Gear that will support you and your terrible decisions.  We also pride ourselves on not carrying items that would be deemed Glamping – Glamour Camping. You’re heading out into the woods to get away from it all, not bring it all with you. Non-essential items have no place here.

How we stand out 

We opened our shop to bring rugged camping equipment items to the public. Take it back to the basics of what you need to get out there. Fire, food, shelter, water, and anything we think is funny. We have all the experience in the world around what DOESN’T work, making us the experts in what DOES work. We stand behind everything we sell with a warranty and our support. If you have questions, issues or just want to tell us how your day is going…. we’ll be there.

Our Blog – A site devoted to showcasing our misadventures,  experiences, and every once in a while something useful for your backwoods camping/canoe trips.

Our Shop – An online shop that brings you only rugged camping equipment and manly items..

  1. Items we have tested ourselves, that work and can stand up to a beating.
  2. Hilarious items that meet the ManCamping seal of approval.
  3. Products that are a necessity. No Glamping products shall breach the walls of this castle!

This is Man Camping… Enjoy.

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