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Aside postBackcountry Beer & Cheddar Soup

Backcountry Beer Cheddar Soup

BackCountry Beer & Cheddar Soup

We did it! We actually, finally did it. We made an Easy
Backcountry Beer & Cheddar Soup!

Well, let’s be clear. We have done this many times but we usually drank too much of the beer to remember how we did it and we never wrote it down. But today we can say we have finally made our best version and remembered how to do it! Enjoy our Backcountry Beer & Cheddar Soup
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Aside postCamping Recipe – ManFood Wrap Everything In Bacon!

Wrap Everything In Bacon

Yes it is officially time that we gave you another ManFood Camping Recipe involving bacon. Is there ever a bad time for bacon? Even after a heart attack, we would prescribe a healthy amount of bacon. Bacon. Bacon. Bacon – We love you.  Here are a few side dishes, snacks, or meal upgrades you can make while your out in the wild.  Give them a try at home or Continue reading

Aside postHow To Cook An Underground Roast!

We have done an article on underground cooking before with underground Chicken! But thanks to one of our followers – Auryn Kucheran, we are now going to bring you Underground Roast! Check out his recipe below. Thanks for sending this in! We will try it next time we are out!

Here is Auryn’s recipe for an underground roast of your favorite tasty animal.

Its taken me awhile and many tries to get this recipe right. Many ‘very rare’ roasts along the way. But I think I’ve got it nearly perfected.

Here’s what you will need:

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Aside postCampfire Grilled Southwest Chipotle Ribs

ManFood: Campfire Grilled Southwest Chipotle Ribs


Back-country Spicy Southwest Chipotle Ribs!

Let It Begin!

Who doesnt want Campfire Grilled anything?

Alright,  so we made this one last Saturday night and it was insanely delicious. Spicy Campfire Grilled Southwest Chipotle Pork Ribs – The other part of that tasty bacon making animal.   A little seasoning, some beer and a spicy southwest sauce make these ribs a new favorite of ours.

We started to make it a habit – Preparing at least one real, proper meal we can take with us on our trips. The first nights meal is the greatest, after that it becomes very hard to keep food cold so we rely on dehydrated meals and/or the freeze-dried foods like Mountain House. With a little prep work you have these ribs in the back-country, finishing them off over a campfire grill for that crispy outer layer, and smokey taste.  Try this out for your first night’s meal out in the wild. Continue reading