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Aside postWe’re Going Nuts…

We expect that many of you are. The warm weather is here, the ice is retreating back to the North from the hell in which it came!!! Ok, maybe that’s a little dramatic, but we’ve had enough of the cold weather. We are Canadian, but even we have our limits.

It’s time to paddle!

While our first trip is still just over a week away, we know that some of you are already out there paddling away. Let me be the first to say that:
A) We are jealous… No bones about it.
B) We want to make sure you’re all geared up for the season!

Over the next few weeks, we will be putting items on sale in our store for you. Each week (Tuesday – Sunday) there will be different items on sale. Make sure you check it out if you are in the market for something… And even if you’re not – check it out anyways.

Here is the link to what’s on sale this week: ManCamping Sale Items

If there is something you want to see on sale, comment below. No promises but we will see what we can do!

 Just a few of the items on sale this week:

After this… We promise it’s back to the camping ridiculousness you are used to with us. Stay tuned for our first trip report of the year. It is usually a pretty interesting one lol.

Aside postFire Piston = Fire God! A fire starter you probably haven’t tried.

Fire Piston

There is something I find really interesting about the Outdoor industry: It’s backwards. Backwards from almost any industry I can think of. We start off using the most up to date gear and technology, and then we start learning the old ways. The love of wilderness skills usually comes after we have all the tech and gadgets. Most industries are constantly moving forward as fast as they can. You wouldn’t even dream of using a cell phone from even 10 years ago. Outdoor people, we forge our own path, and we do the opposite. We are wanting to learn skills from hundreds of years ago, to use today. This is especially true when it comes to making fires out in the wild.  Continue reading

Aside postManCamping Has Knives! Camillus Knives!

Camillus knives

The ManCamping Gear Shop is expanding it’s product line up with Camillus knives!

Over the past few weeks we’ve added lots of new product lines including new Armytek Flashlight models, VSSL Flasks, First Aid Kits, Emergency Shelters and just for fun, one of the coolest zombie apocalypse kits we ever seen. Continue reading

Aside postNew Armytek Flashlights on

Armytek Flashlight Partner C2 Pro V3 XHP35

We’ve got exciting news! We have a few of the new Armytek flashlights on

We took a stroll down to the Armytek office and picked up three new flashlights. They have some of the same names as the models we currently carry but these new Armytek flashlights are even brighter than before. They could blind a bear and light up the skinny dippers from across the lake before, were not sure where to go from there to describe the new ones. Soooo… lets all be surprised but what comes out of our mouths on this one. 

A few quick points in case you are not familiar.

  • Lumens : the amount of light produced. (1500 lumens is roughly equal to a 100w light bulb
  • Beam distance: How far the light will reach
  • All Armytek flashlights use 18650 batteries and they last a REALLY long time. We have taken them 7 day trips, and continued to use them around the house for an additional month before even thinking about recharging the batteries. 

First up : The Armytek Partner C2 Pro V3 XHP35

Armytek Flashlight Partner C2 Pro V3 XHP35

Armytek Flashlight Partner C2 Pro V3 XHP35

Yes we know the names of the lights are incredible long and complex. We didn’t name them. But it sounds so technical, that it reminds us of being a secret agent with a Continue reading

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