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Aside postOutdoor Gear: Flashlight Buying Guide

Outdoor Gear: Flashlight Buying Guide


Do you know what to look for when buying a flashlight or a headlamp? Do you know what all the new fancy flashlight terms are all about? You wouldn’t think it is that complicated, would you? It’s not if you’re headed to Crappy Tire to purchase a throw away, super heavy, everyday flashlight, or picking up a basic headlamp from Walmart for the weekend. However, if you’re looking for a good piece of gear, you should put a little more thought into it. As always, ManCamping is here to help. Here is a guide to what you need to know when buying a flashlight for your adventures.  You can use this guide for headlamps, or flashlights, they both use the same terminology.

The Terms You Need to Know: Continue reading

Aside postNew Armytek Flashlights on ManCamping.ca

Armytek Flashlight Partner C2 Pro V3 XHP35

We’ve got exciting news! We have a few of the new Armytek flashlights on ManCamping.ca

We took a stroll down to the Armytek office and picked up three new flashlights. They have some of the same names as the models we currently carry but these new Armytek flashlights are even brighter than before. They could blind a bear and light up the skinny dippers from across the lake before, were not sure where to go from there to describe the new ones. Soooo… lets all be surprised but what comes out of our mouths on this one. 

A few quick points in case you are not familiar.

  • Lumens : the amount of light produced. (1500 lumens is roughly equal to a 100w light bulb
  • Beam distance: How far the light will reach
  • All Armytek flashlights use 18650 batteries and they last a REALLY long time. We have taken them 7 day trips, and continued to use them around the house for an additional month before even thinking about recharging the batteries. 

First up : The Armytek Partner C2 Pro V3 XHP35

Armytek Flashlight Partner C2 Pro V3 XHP35

Armytek Flashlight Partner C2 Pro V3 XHP35

Yes we know the names of the lights are incredible long and complex. We didn’t name them. But it sounds so technical, that it reminds us of being a secret agent with a Continue reading

Aside postFathers Day Sale – Save up to $30 on ArmyTek Flashlights!

ManCamping Fathers Day Sale1

Until June 14th, save up to $30 on ArmyTek Viking, Predator and Dobermann flashlights! Give your dad the gift of disturbing daylight with these high powered tactical lights.

Waterproof, shockproof, freezeproof – These things are indestructible and perfect for any ManCamper.

Armytek Flashlights and Headlamps on ManCamping’s shop.