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Aside postEasy Bushcraft Cocktails – “Spruce” Up Your Whiskey, Bourbon or Vodka

Bushcraft Cocktails

We’ve done lots of pieces on how to cook and what to cook while in the woods on ManCamping.ca. However, we’ve never done anything on making drinks in the bush – Bushcraft Cocktails. You think you are surprised? You should have seen our face when we figured it out. It’s been on of those things we’ve been meaning to get to, but never did. With the ice-out starting to happen everywhere around us, we think it’s a perfect time to put this up for you.

Go to any forum or talk to just about any backcountry traveling man and you will get pretty much the same answer when you ask the question: “What do you bring into the woods to drink?” The answer is straight booze. The type of booze will differ slightly depending on your taste. Maybe you’re a whiskey guy, maybe Bourbon? Vodka? Gin?  It’s always something that can be enjoyed straight. The reason behind it is that you don’t want to haul the extra weight of mix (Coke, Tonic Water, Etc). The only problem is that sometimes, on longer trips, drinking the same thing over and over again gets a little tired. You want variety, and stealing whatever your camp-mates brought is not always an option. In comes Bushcraft Cocktails, classing up the backcountry canoe trips in a woodsman sort of way. Let us help you ‘Spruce Up’ your back country drinks. See what we did there? Hahahaha No?  These drinks may not be for everybody, but they are worth a shot. Pun intended.

Pine Infused Whiskey 

You read that write. Pine infused whiskey. This couldn’t be easier to make, and it actually has an amazing flavor.  This brings your whiskey to a whole new woodsy level. It’s just like pine needle tea only – it’s whiskey. Make sure you know what kind of Pine you are using so you know it’s edible. Continue reading