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Aside postA New Fishing Technique? That’s right The ManCamping Fishing Tactic.

A New Fishing Technique? That's right The ManCamping Fishing Tactic.

Call us harsh, call us opinionated,  call us what you want, but we truly believe that you are not a fisherman unless you can offer some ridiculous advice or some absurd sounding fishing technique for catching fish. Well guess what? Here is our ridiculous technique for your consideration. It works like a charm and landed us around fifty fish last weekend on Biggar Lake in Algonquin’s North West.
The fishing technique isn’t complicated, and it fits right in line with what we try to achieve here at ManCamping.ca. Doing things in a manly way, as easy as possible. Give this technique a try, see what kind of results you get. Or give your own advice in the comment section and see what we can all come up with.

Before we give you the technique, we will give you the back story. On our recent trip the Biggar Lake, Continue reading

Aside postToronto Sportsmen Show 2015 – Not what it used to be?

Toronto Sportsmen Show

The Toronto Sportsmen Show, the show that everyone waits for to go see what’s new in outdoor gear, and get the latest fishing, hunting and adventuring equipment. One of the biggest shows before the start of spring when many outdoorsmen and sportsmen venture out for the best weather and wilderness Canada has to offer. There will be seminars, and great deals to find. From the smallest item to the big ticket item that all men gravitate towards, staring, dreaming and planning on when they’ll have it and what they’ll do with it.  Can you feel the testosterone flowing yet? ….I couldn’t wait for the show! Continue reading