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Eventful Camping Education

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Eventful Camping Education

I have a confession. I’m more of a ManCamper than my husband. He’s all about planning and checklists and preparation. Me…. Not so much. There are certain things I’m not really allowed to do when it comes to getting ready for trips, and that’s mostly because I “may” have not accomplished the task very well in the past. Although, he continues to give me responsibility for packing food. This is odd because I usually miscalculate portions and always seem to bring too little of some stuff – like coffee – and too much of other stuff – like pasta. And then there was the time(s) when I completely miscalculated how much dog food we needed. Let’s say the dog thought it was awesome to be sharing the people food. 

*Sigh*. I don’t do it on purpose.  It just kind of happens.   Continue reading

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