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Aside postHighlights from the Toronto Outdoor Adventure Show Toronto

Did you make it to the Toronto Outdoor Adventure Show this weekend? Not worry, we are going to show some of the highlights to make you regret missing it and possible hate your life. If you are reading this from else where in the country, here is what you have to look forward to for the Vancouver show (March 7-8th, 2015) and the Calgary show (March 21-22nd, 2015). Be sure to check out the upcoming shows or put it in your calendar for next year. Seriously put it in your calendar. We’ll wait…

Check out some of these highlights. Continue reading

Aside postToronto Sportsmen Show 2015 – Not what it used to be?

Toronto Sportsmen Show

The Toronto Sportsmen Show, the show that everyone waits for to go see what’s new in outdoor gear, and get the latest fishing, hunting and adventuring equipment. One of the biggest shows before the start of spring when many outdoorsmen and sportsmen venture out for the best weather and wilderness Canada has to offer. There will be seminars, and great deals to find. From the smallest item to the big ticket item that all men gravitate towards, staring, dreaming and planning on when they’ll have it and what they’ll do with it.  Can you feel the testosterone flowing yet? ….I couldn’t wait for the show! Continue reading

ManCamping Covers the 2014 Gentlemens Expo

Part 1 of 4 Videos that we are finally getting uploaded here. We had a few issues with our video software and as men, we wildly refuse to ask for help, or directions, or admit defeat, or.. well you get it.

What do you think ManCamping found at the Gentleman’s Expo that would be related to the wilderness? For those who know us, I bet you can guess! Alcohol, Cigars, Alcohol, Alcohol, and even a cure for a hangover! Sort of. Be sure to watch all the videos as we may have been taste testing and the videos get better and better. We also translate each video into Man-Language at the end so don’t miss out!

We’ll get a few videos up per day (or every other day) for the next few days! Starting off the new year right!

Check out what Thomas Hinds Tobacconists had to say to us, and make sure to visit them on the web (http://www.thomashinds.ca) and in person to pick up your supplies before heading into the woods. They are a great bunch of guys who played along with us and more importantly, they really knew their stuff when it came to talking smoke!



Yes we know, we need a better camera for things like this. But in fairness, this really was a last minute idea and of course, we          didn’t plan. 🙂

Next up, we talk to Barry from Still Waters Distillery about Stock & Barrel Whiskey, our favorite out of the entire day. This will undoubtedly become part of our backwoods bar! Check them out!



Stay tuned.. we still have more!