3 Day-Trips That Are Absolutely Worth It In Ontario

Searching for something to do on a day trip in Ontario? We were. Sometimes you don’t have enough time to get out for a full on canoe trip deep in the wilderness. Sometimes you have a few spare hours and a need to be outdoors! Recently, we visited all three of these places.  Here’s our thoughts. 

Mono Cliffs Provincial Park

We were told about this park by both local friends of ours as well as many other outdoor bloggers that we’ve talked to in the last year or so. So what better time than now to go check out Mono Cliffs Provincial park. Mono Cliffs is just north of Orangeville, Ontario making it reachable for most folks in southern Ontario within a short drive.


We spent a more than a few hours walking through the wide open trails of this park without a map.  You can download a copy of the Mono Cliffs Park map here. However, if you want to find all the secret spots and things to check out you will have to go exploring because they aren’t listed on the map. As most awesome places to find should never be. 

We got through about 1/3 of the park (Maybe) … So this day trip is has already sparked ideas of going back to explore more. Definitely worth a visit. 

Bruce Trail – Dufferin Highlands Section

We moved up to the Dufferin county a few years ago and almost daily, I drive past the signs for the Bruce Trail that cross over roads in my area. I decided that enough was enough. I had to go check out some of this trail. I am not the biggest fan of hiking since a certain Death March I took last winter. However, summer hiking is much better I am happy to report. Watch the video bellow! 

Notes From The Hike:

  1. Lots of spider webs to the face if you’re the first person hiking through
  2. The trail is easy hiking and isn’t too difficult
  3. Making up stories while hiking is both hilarious for me and apparently exhausting for my wife (But she keeps laughing at them so who knows)
  4. The wife walking in front makes for a spectacular view… Did I just say that? Yup 🙂 


The Grotto – Bruce Peninsula National Park

This one is definitely one of our highlights. With Mrs ManCamping away, I found myself at our cottage in Sauble Beach with just the pups. I decided to head out and go check out The Grotto in the Bruce Peninsula National Park. I got up, downed a little bacon, a cup of coffee and took off. Arriving at the park at about 10am. That is about where the story ends. Apparently this place has gotten so busy that you need to make parking reservations well in advance. Seems a little extreme.  It gets better, when you reserve your parking space – you can only be there for a 4 hour period!  Obviously, if this place is that busy, then it is worth a visit…One day. When I plan something in advance lol.  I was turned around at the gates, so instead of wasting the trip, I headed into Tobermory and to the Park Visitor center to see what else the park had to offer for when I return next! I took the time while I was there to climb the tower located near the visitor center which gave a spectacular view of the park!

After the tower climb I headed back to Sauble Beach to spend the day soaking up some sun.  You’re plans can’t be ruined when you don’t make any! 

If you’re planning on going to the Grotto, make sure you plan well in advance and be ready to pay for the $11 parking fee plus $6 online reservation fee.  Click Here to make your Grotto parking reservations. I’m sure this visit is worth it, but I think Parks Canada may want to come up with a better solution to the crowds visiting this place. 

Hopefully, you get the chance to visit some of these places or put them on your list of places to see! Have you been to any of these places? would love to hear your thoughts about them (Especially if you have photos of the Grotto lol)

4 Responses to “3 Day-Trips That Are Absolutely Worth It In Ontario

  • Mary Anderson
    3 years ago

    If you are gonna go to the Grotto again, be sure to head.over to Flower Pot Island, hike, swim picnic and a lot less crowded!!

  • You couldn’t be more right. The Grotto, Flowerpot Island and the hike out to Lions Head Lookout is amazing. Canadian gems and a must for the outdoors enthusiast. Mono Cliffs i will have to see now.

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