3 Ways to cool your drinks in the backcountry

If you live in North America, you are not a fan of warm beer. Or maybe you are, I don’t know you. But I can tell you that I am not a fan. I like my booze cold. Especially when out in the woods paddling and portaging through the thick bush carrying a 75 pound pack and what seems like a land barge of a canoe in 35C weather. Warm drinks don’t quench the thirst like a cold one and sometimes it makes people agitated. The problem is, there is no ice or cooler to keep things cold. At least there shouldn’t be if you’re doing it right.  Check out the tips below to cool down the drinks and keep the Neanderthal inside you calm and under control.

Hint: Real men look at their drinks till they freeze in fear from your ice glare…. just sayin’.

The Lake/River Water
Ok, almost everyone knows this one. Put your drink in a container, toss it into the lake. Be sure your beverage doesn’t float away by other anchoring it to the shore with rope, or grab a few heavy rocks to weigh it down. The later of the two works better as the deep water you can get it into, the colder it will get.

Foreseeable Issues: Having to swim like the Hoff – Baywatch style after your drowning booze as it floats away.

The next two you may not have thought of….

Wind Power
Grab a clean sock, (or the one you’re wearing, we won’t judge) slip it over the drink container and dunk it into the water and back out again. Tie some rope, paracord, string or whatever you have around the top and hang it from a tree branch. The wind will whip by the soaked sock pulling the heat out of your beverage and cooling it down as the water evaporates from the sock.

Foreseeable Issues: Hurricane force winds will rob you of your juice, and a gentle breeze is reserved for a Caribbean holiday, use this trick with wind in-between these two.

Buried Treasure.
Have you ever dug a hole at the beach? The ground is colder the farther you go down. Grab your trusty trowel and dig a hole at least a few feet deep, bury your drink for an hour or so an voila! cold drink!

Bonus Points: Yelling “YAR MATEY” in a pirate voice when retrieving your buried beverage.
Foreseeable Issues: Don’t forget where you buried the treasure or you’ll technically be leaving the best geocache someone could ever hope for.  On the solid rock like the Canadian shield? … use your trusty dynamite???? … We can’t solve everything for you.

*Note: Don’t use your trusty dynamite. It’s illegal and you’ll probably kill yourself. Send us photos if you survive.

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