A Cigar and a Challenge – An idea to liven up your trek.

If you’re a regular reader here you will know that we are big advocates of taking whiskey with us on our backcountry shenanigans. Well, if there is one thing that goes well with whiskey, it’s a cigar. The middle of nowhere is actually the best place in our opinion to enjoy a cigar.  You won’t be bothered by people giving you stink eye for the smell, your wife (hopefully) won’t smack you and argue the detriments of your health with you, and it is the most relaxed place you’ve been too in a while. Wind down the day by the campfire with your whiskey and the cigar of your choice. You’ve earned it.  Here is some useful cigar info as well as a tip on how to use them (more than just smoking smart ass)… check this out.

Have Cigars, Can’t Travel?
I stopped by a new location of Havana Castle that just opened up in Port Credit ON. They couldn’t  have better timing. Right before spring/summer (ManSeason) camping and around the corner from where I live. I admit I don’t know a ton about cigars, but I have a badass humidor (that I don’t know much about either) and I enjoy the odd cigar on my trips and my poker games. I always worried about bringing proper cigars into the backcountry. I am not gentle on my gear, I tend to be rough. Bringing anything more than a crappy pack of Colts seemed like a waste as I would psychopathically kill them on the journey in. After chatting with Alex at Havana Castle, about carrying cigars into the woods without destroying them, he suggested and set me up with a travel humidor. This thing kind of looks like military grade brief case that houses a top-secret weapon.  It’s waterproof, shock-proof and will keep your cigars at perfect humidity for about a week. Need to go longer? Toss in a few drops of water into the humidifier inside and your good for another week. It gives you the ability to bring almost any size cigars you choose and not have to worry about crushing and breaking your cigars. Oh and heaven forbid you flip the boat and go for a swim – Your stogies will still be fine! A sound investment for $35.

How to turn your friends on each other
After a long days paddle, camp setup, mocking our canoe mates, surviving or pulling pranks,  portaging, not catching any fish, dealing with pouring rain you weren’t prepared for and all the other activities we love about trekking, what could be better than enjoying a cigar while viciously gloating about to everyone who didn’t get one? Turn your Cubans into competition.

Bring along some cigars on your trip? Absolutely, but step it up a few notches with some competitions or challenges to win them each day.  This makes everyone do their fair share or compete for the right to smoke the day’s cigar. Not everyone will get to have one each night when you make camp, but when you win one, you get to smoke it in front of everyone like the championship trophy at the all-star game. Here are a few ides to get you started.

  1. Walleye Whisperer – Biggest fish of the day.
  2. Schwarzenegger – Carried the food barrel and canoe on every portage.
  3. FUBAR’d – Best Injury of the day
  4. Victimized – The butt of all today’s pranks
  5. Fire God – Started a fire the primitive way (No lighter, No matches)

Or make up your own.

Pick a challenge a day, or through them all out at once and see who completes what… your choice. It will make an entertaining, smack talking, ManCamping trip that much better.

If you’re in the Mississauga area – Check out Havana Castle (Lakeshore and Elizabeth, near Hurontario and Lakeshore) 905-278-3333

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