A New Fishing Technique? That’s right The ManCamping Fishing Tactic.

Call us harsh, call us opinionated,  call us what you want, but we truly believe that you are not a fisherman unless you can offer some ridiculous advice or some absurd sounding fishing technique for catching fish. Well guess what? Here is our ridiculous technique for your consideration. It works like a charm and landed us around fifty fish last weekend on Biggar Lake in Algonquin’s North West.
The fishing technique isn’t complicated, and it fits right in line with what we try to achieve here at ManCamping.ca. Doing things in a manly way, as easy as possible. Give this technique a try, see what kind of results you get. Or give your own advice in the comment section and see what we can all come up with.

Before we give you the technique, we will give you the back story. On our recent trip the Biggar Lake, we packed up our gear, tossed it into the boat and headed out as usual. By the time we were done the five portages totaling 200km, fending off the hordes of biting little insect bastards, and paddling 89km, we finally reached our destination. A campsite that our buddy Matt Olsen had told us to head for. A nice open rock point site to keep the bugs away with some tree shelter for the tents near the back of the site. What a great site it was… well worth the trip out there. Once we landed Tom’s canoe (Ol’ Spinecrusher) we sat down for some whiskey and some scotch. I know you are just as shocked as we are about that last statement. Now it was time to get a line in the water….

To our dismay, when we reached for our fishing rods to get said line into said water, the crank handle had snapped off somewhere along our journey. Now our fishing rod is not an expensive one or a high quality one by any means. It’s an older collapsible rod that we take with us just to be able to fish. It’s reel has a mind of its own and will actually F**K with you sometimes when you cast out a line. The line  will randomly stops itself; Sending a rocketing hook towards you like a primitive man-opener (get it? Man-opener? Ha! We are awesome). Well what do we do now…? We’re men; we fish on!

So now comes the technique part of the saga. As we watched our friend Tom and his properly working gear (Fancy SOB) cast a line in and pull out fish time and time again. Tom’s casts reaching thirty to forty feet at a time, ours barely scraping the ten to twenty foot mark and not catching anything. We had had enough. We tossed out our line one final time, set the rod down on the rock, placed one foot on it (just in case loch ness came by to take our line), lit up a smoke and had a sip of whiskey. 20150620_183131[1]

We picked up the rod once again and BAM! In the words of Jeremy Wade would say “FISH ON!” (Granted it’s tiny…But it is STILL a fish!)20150620_183304[1]

Just a fluke right? Wrong. This technique changed our weekend. Working time and time again. We even caught up to Tom’s masterful ways and had a fish off. (Which he will still SAY that he won.) All the while we had to finger reel the line in because of the broken handle, couldn’t cast more than ten feet, because of the haunted reel, and were using an old yellow jelly lure hap-hazardly stuck on a hook that was tied to the end of the line, because we lost the lead. I would say we won by default alone never mind the amount of fish we caught.
So we narrowed down the technique, and it is one of the best pieces of advice we can give when it comes to fishing. It’s a simple seven step process that you can follow and try out yourself. Warning: Do not attempt this technique if you will be driving anytime soon.

1. Cast out your line with some sort of lure on the end.
2. Put the rod down and pick up the whiskey.
3. Sip whiskey.
4. Take another sip because the first one wasn’t big enough.
5. Put whiskey down and pick up rod. (Fishing rod must be on the ground for at least 30 seconds to 1 minute.)
6. BAM! Fish On – Reel him in and eat him. Or toss him back, depending on your goal here.
7. Repeat.
Try out our technique and not only will you have dinner, or even a few laughs, but much like some of other advice – you will end up drunk.

Your welcome,

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