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About ManCamping

ManCamping – It’s Not A Gender Thing; It’s A State Of Mind.  

ManCamping is a state of mind: Calm under pressure, Ready for anything, Unstoppable.

It’s about enjoying your whiskey & being confident you can handle anything thrown your way. It’s about enjoying life to the fullest & not caring what other people think.  

ManCamping was started by two friends (John & Scot) adventuring out in the woods on canoe trips. We adventure into some pretty tough terrain, we’re rough on our gear and we don’t follow instructions well. We’re ManCamping – That’s what we do.

Instead of planning out every detail, we pick a route, throw some gear in a pack and we’re off.  Going exploring doesn’t call for knowing & planning everything that will happen. It means using your head, having the guts to go forward and throwing a little bit of caution to the wind. It means using your brains and a little brawn to overcome any obstacle & laughing through it all; Finding the humor in good and bad situations is important to us.  

Brains and Brawn will do more for you than planning every detail ever will.

You can’t plan for changing weather, obstacles in your path, injuries, forgotten/broken or lost equipment, hilariously bad decisions by friends or many other challenges. You can, however, use your head and have the right gear. Overcoming obstacles means learning to think on your feet, getting creative & using what you have with you and around you to keep moving forward. Bring on the challenges, our record for getting

through tough times is flawless this far! 

We believe in enjoying the finer things in life, the ones that are good for the soul. Build a bigger fire than you need to for no good reason, enjoy a fine scotch or fine wine, hang out with friends that are always up for an adventure, laughing with and at ourselves and most importantly – Enjoying the stillness and the allure of the wilderness.  All of these things will re-charge the soul.

So essentially… we are classy, modern, hilarious vikings. That’s the long and the short of it. 


Our Gear Shop

Our Vision: We want to provide you with some of the best outdoor products on the market, backed by the most experience behind those products.


ManCamping | Kelly Kettle CanadaHave the guts to be a little reckless, a little daring, a little wild and dangerous, but be sure to use your head and the gear that will support you.  

We opened our shop to bring rugged outdoor equipment to you – The Adventurer. We believe that if you’re going to spend good money on outdoor gear, it better be good quality. After spending lots of money buying, beating the hell out of and breaking gear that is sold in big box stores, we came to a realization: If you can’t be rough with it, put it through its paces and depend on it with your life… It belongs on a coffee table not in the wilderness.

We still have gear that our fathers used 40 years ago because it’s good quality and was meant to last – We’re bringing that back. 

We have no interest in filling our outdoor store with as many items as we can, we are interested in providing you with outdoor items that we have used ourselves and that we can confidently say, will stand up to anything you can put it through.  Rugged outdoor equipment all backed with some of the best warranties in the business; Because we know that life can happen.

We provide you with outdoor gear that we use and depend on ourselves. We back everything with a warranty and we are always here to answer any questions you may have about it. 

This is Man Camping… Enjoy.