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Who Is ManCamping


Scot “Loops” Robinson, the 3rd, Esq.

(Yes his name only has one “T”).

Never afraid of a new challenge, Scot loves to take on new challenges in the outdoors. Scot gained his wilderness experience years ago -the ManCamping way. He learned by trial and error, first adventuring out into the wilderness, without a plan, or having any experience. He has completed a marathon, been a Death Race competitor and is the ManCamping mastermind. Usually the instigator of all ManCamping situations, he finds hilarity in all situations and isn’t afraid of what others think of him. (Obvious to those who’ve met him)

“Smooth Seas never made a Skilled Sailor”

Scot flys by the seat of his pants, when he is wearing them, and lives for the adventure that any situation may bring.  

Camping Item Must Have: “Our Beer Flag – Without it, the trip has a hex on the whole damn thing.”



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