Axe Throwing – Sport? Skill? Who Cares, Just Try It!

A few weeks ago we were invited to a bachelor party for our good buddy Wade and we didn’t think twice, we were going for sure. Then we found out that we would be going to BATL, an axe throwing establishment and axe throwing league! How awesome is that? Drinking beer and throwing axes with a pile of your good friends. This is going to be glorious. This is a skill that we have always wanted to learn.

We got to BATL a few minutes before most of the group, who arrived in style by the way. Showing up to throw axes in a limo. Well done boys. We opened a beer and started chucking axes, with terrible results. We couldn’t stick an axe in the wooden target to save our lives. After about 20 – 30 throws, we finally started to figure out a few things which we will share with you below in case you decide to try. You know you will. This is a great sport, and definitely a bushcraft skill for the outdoors! You might want to be a little careful heaving axes at trees out in the woods though. They do tend to bounce back at you if you don’t do this properly. Having an axe in your foot could really kill the mood on a camping trip.


Here are a few tips that we figured out. By no means are we can expert. 1. Men tend to want to throw the axes as hard as humanly possible to “murder” the damn target. Stop. You are throwing an axe that already ways a couple of pounds, it’s going to kill whatever it hits. You don’t have to put as much effort into it as you think. Throw a little lighter and you’ll have better results. 2. Don’t send it spinning. When you see an axe or a knife thrown on TV and in the movies it goes spinning towards to the target. This happens naturally. Keep your wrist straight and don’t flick the axe. Standing ten feet back from the target, the axe will naturally spin about three times before it hits the target. It’s not a ninja star damn it! 3. Smack Talk – Necessary. That is all. (Warning of language – We aren’t the type of people you watch videos from at the office)

4. Much like throwing a baseball, the follow through of your arm is very important. This will hurl the axe much faster and harder with less effort. Do less, get more. 5. Make sure you get to try the “Tie breaker”. Much like every competition a ManCamper enters; There is no tie, only win or lose. The same goes for axe throwing. A tie-breaker involves using the big axe. A quick two handed, full body toss by each player quickly solves any argument.

BATL Axe throwing has a few locations in and around Toronto. We visited the location near Dufferin St and highway 401. Check them out, learn a few things, and then take this sport to the woods. You never know when you’ll need a skill like this. Probably never, but who cares – YOU GET TO THROW AXES!

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