Beef Bacon Sushi? And Did We Mention Cold Beer?

Beef Bacon Sushi = 60% Delicious, 40% Also delicious 

OK, so it’s not really sushi, but it is beef & bacon, it looks like sushi and it will keep your beer cold!  It’s extremely easy to make, it’s made from some of our favorite animals and will fill your craving for protein at the end of your paddling day. We can’t take all the credit for this one as it’s been out there for a while, but we are going to show you the way we make it and give you a few tips.

This mix of tasty animals and creativity takes about 10 minutes of prep before you head out into the wilderness. It’s quick to make and damn is it tasty. Here is what we cooked up. Give it a try and let us know what you think? 

Beef Bacon Sushi (Feeds 2 -4)

What you’ll need

  1. 1 Package of ground beef or chuck.
  2. 1 Package of that magical animal we have fondly name “Bacon” (For extra points – marinate in beer overnight first)
  3. 1 Block of Cheddar cheese
  4. LaGrille “Blazin’ Pepper Bourbon” BBQ spice
  5. Your favorite BBQ sauce
  6. Scotch – For both you and the food

Guidelines (Not instructions. ManCamping doesn’t allow instructions)

  1. Drink some of the Scotch.
  2. Take your beef and toss it in a mixing bowl along with the Blazin’ Pepper Bourbon spice and some Scotch – Be liberal with the spice, and for once – Easy on the Scotch. ManCamping requires a ton of taste, but to much Scotch will stop the mix from freezing later. Mix well.
  3. Next – Take a sheet of tinfoil and lay out a sheet of bacon. Overlap each piece of oink slightly.20150214_181505
  4. Spread out a layer of your beef on top of the bacon so you end up with what looks like a piece of paper made of meat.
  5. Take your cheese and cut a 1/2″ x 1/2″ block to lay across the bottom of the meat. 20150214_181803
  6. Drink some of the Scotch.
  7. Use the tinfoil to tightly roll the mix starting form the end you have the cheese on. You want to end up with the cheese in the middle. Make sure you don’t actually roll the tinfoil into the meat!20150214_181825
  8. Cut the roll in half, and put them into a Ziploc bag – Freeze it.
  9. Finish the Scotch. You are done for now.

When you are ready to head into the woods, remove the rolls from the freezer and put them into a small insulated food bag or cooler bag along with a beer or five. This will keep your beer cold by acting as an ice pack and slowly thaw through out the day until you make camp the first night.

Time to Cook:

When we cook, we almost always cook over a smoldering fire or embers, not direct flame right? Right.

For best cooking results, use a flat rock you can sit in or close to the embers, if you have a small grill you can use this too, but make sure it’s not to big as the roll is may sag through the grill bars! Rotate periodically to make sure you cook from both sides, but don’t flip it. Tip: Make sure the end of the meat roll is on bottom when you set it down or else the roll will unroll and you’ll be cooking meat paper.

While this is cooking, its time to brush on, or drizzle your BBQ sauce on to it. Keep basting this bastard! Keep an eye on it, it should take about 25-35 minutes to cook depending on your fire. Once its done, take you knife and cut it into slices and BOOM you have Beef Bacon Sushi.  Drink more Scotch. 20150214_201645 (2)

Additional Tip:  Before slicing, crush up some corn chips and roll the log into them, then slice up. Adds a little crunch to it.


Try this one out on your next trip and let us know what you think of it? We’ll keep cooking in the mean time.

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