Call to Arms: Men…Take your manhood back. Put down the shrimp fork! Stop Glamping.

As you read this post, you must read it in the way it in a Ron Swanson-esq, call to arms and civil duties style speech…. growing stronger, louder and more passionate with each sentence…. now continue…

First off, I am not a writer. Never have been, never claimed I was and by my writing, you have probably already come to this conclusion.  I started this blog for one reason…. To bring back the manliness that is camping, trekking and wilderness adventuring. Too many of my friends and family have started Glamping (Glamour Camping), car camping, tethering their kids to their belts and generally bending to the will of their wives (All city girls) when it comes to summer weekend vacationing. This blog is a call out to all men to literally take back your manhood and get back to doing manly things with the boys. *No more shall we stand still, asking for our wives permission to get away to camp, fish and stink in the woods with our buddies!

We will cover all manly things in this website including, but not limited to:
1)How to get away for a weekend without the hassle of the wifely oppression.
2) How to do just about anything in the wilderness (In the manliest of ways)
3) Reviews on everything from booze,  and wilderness gear, to cigars and the vehicles you use to get away.
4) Filling out lists seems like something my wife would ask me to do so…. I’m not going to do it!

Check back with us for reviews on  gear, booze, trip reports and anything else we can think of to help the male population give up antiquing, home renovations, art galleries,  and fondue (yes, we like melted cheese too, but that is besides the point)
*Unless your wife threatens to with-hold sexual relations with us. (There will be a future post on how to deal with this issue)
**all of us here at Man Camping love our wives, they actually preview our posts for us…. only so we can get back to manly tasks. 🙂

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