Camping Checklist- ManCamping Style.

There is no shortage of camping checklists available on the internet.  Some websites offer a camping checklist as a blog post, some as a free download and others as an ebook for those so inclined to download and keep it on hand at all times. These lists are a great starting point. However, we would like to add in our own version of these camping checkists. Something that is much more customized to each person and much more reliable in our opinion. (We are ManCamping – We are always right 🙂 ) 

The problem that we see with these camping checklists is simple. Every person brings different items, leaves out certain items and camping gear changes due to whether, location, who’s going with you and many other factors. You can’t just make one list for all people. 

So here is our take on the camping checklist that will work for anybofy! Start talking to yourself. Will you sound crazy? Probably, but you know your situation the best. So technically, you are asking an expert.  Here are the questions that we ask ourselves when we are throwing together our gear – Usually at the last minute, as our friends are waiting in the truck to head out. By asking yourself these questions (and maybe a few more that you can come up with on your own) you will make sure that you have the right equipment.

Think about each question and the gear that you will need to complete the job:

Can I sleep? 
-Tent (poles, tent and fly)
-Sleeping Bag
-Sleeping Mat
-Balled Up Sweater/Pillow
(Alternate – Laundry bag full of the wife’s unmentionables as a pillow) 
Can I Eat/Drink?
-Water Filter

-Additional Emergency Bacon

Ground Cloth

Am I Safe? 
First Aid Kit
Zantac/Tums (Whiskey drinking means heartburn)
Axe/hatchet and/or saw
-Trip Plan left with someone
-Duct Tape 
Can I Paddle My Canoe?
-Spare Paddle
-Emergency Kit

Those are the four main questions we ask ourselves when we are packing for a canoe trip and some examples of the gear you should be thinking of. Again, this is not an end-all list. Everyone’s list will be different. One example would be a bug shelter. We don’t use them but you might. That might fall under “Am I Safe?” for some of you.  

The questions above are the first questions as they are the ones that pack the gear you need to survive. That isn’t all of them though! Here is a few more.

Come up with your own camping checklist questions, don’t just rely on ours! 

Can I Poop? 
-Poop tickets / Toilet Paper 
What Do I Need For Clothing? 
Note: Clothing is always optional when with the wife and not the boys
-Swim Trunks/Speedos
Do I Have My Superstition Gear? 
-Beer Flag
Without this you put a hex on the whole damn thing.
Finally … Can I keep clean?
-Tooth Paste
-Camp Shower/Wipes/Etc

Using our style of camping checklist for a canoe trip, you are not only customizing your gear list for yourself, but you are far less likely to forget items. At least essential items anyways. Besides, how likely are you to keep that downloaded checklist around? How likely are you to forget where you put it? Become more self sufficient by relying on yourself instead of a piece of paper. 

If you do forget items for your canoe trip, you will also learn the fine art of MacGyver’ing. Coming up with a solution to the missing gear built out of what you have with you. It’s what ManCamping is all about. It makes for a adventure! 






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  • Anonymous
    3 years ago

    ¡Bueno! ?

  • Woohoo! Thanks for the Eventful shoutout. I think.
    With all due respect, I think you need to edit your list a bit. From the pics I’ve seen on your posts, doesn’t the duct tape go under the “Can I paddle?” list??

    • Hahahahaha – I liked your Packing List download! That’s why I linked to it! lol

      I did say that there are always more items under each question didn’t I? The Duct Tape belongs in EACH category when it comes to ManCamping lol

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