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A collection of our very own advice on all things camping.  Tips and Tricks to help you out while your lost in the woods. We dont know if you can quite call these camping hacks, but they are entertaining.

The Now Famous Dossier of The Moose River Canoe Trip

The Now Famous Dossier of the Moose River

The Now Famous Dossier of the Moose River A few weeks ago I got back from a 7 day trip...

Bruce Peninsula National Park

3 Day-Trips That Are Absolutely Worth It In Ontario

Searching for something to do on a day trip in Ontario? We were. Sometimes you don’t have enough time to...

Canoe Trip Gear Photo

Canoe Trip Packing Lists

There is no shortage of canoe trip packing lists available on the internet.  Some websites offer it as a blog...

Portaging isn't fun

Why Portaging Sucks

Everybody that canoes knows why portaging sucks. We know that you agree, because when you saw that headline you clicked...

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