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A collection of our very own advice on all things camping.  Tips and Tricks to help you out while your lost in the woods. We dont know if you can quite call these camping hacks, but they are entertaining.

How to Clean Your Kelly Kettle

How To Clean Your Kelly Kettle

  If you have a Kelly Kettle, this will be great info for you. If you don’t have one or...

Master Bushman In Temagami

Have you ever received clues as to how your camping weekend was going to go before the trip even started?...

Reasons I’ve told my wife that I need to go camping.

8 Foolproof excuses to go camping when your other half doesn’t want you too. Actual reasons I’ve told my wife...

How to Make Bacon Salt

The Real Way To Make Bacon Salt. Easily.

The Real Way To Make Bacon Salt You love bacon. You put bacon in every recipe you can right? It’s...

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