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A collection of our very own advice on all things camping.  Tips and Tricks to help you out while your lost in the woods. We dont know if you can quite call these camping hacks, but they are entertaining.

A New Fishing Technique? That's right The ManCamping Fishing Tactic.

A New Fishing Technique? That’s right The ManCamping Fishing Tactic.

Call us harsh, call us opinionated,  call us what you want, but we truly believe that you are not a fisherman unless you can offer some ridiculous advice or some absurd sounding technique for catching fish. Well guess what? Here is our ridiculous technique for your consideration. It works like a charm and landed us around fifty fish last weekend on Biggar Lake in Algonquin’s North West.

Video: How To Pack For A Camping Trip – ManCamping Style

Video: How To Pack For A Camping Trip – ManCamping Style

Lately, there have been plenty of articles, posts and even videos on how to pack for your canoe trip, camping trip, or how to pack in general.  We have also seen lots of posts on how to pack your canoe once you have packed your gear! How much do you need to pack that you need a video on how to pack your already packed pack.

Axe Throwing

Axe Throwing – Sport? Skill? Who Cares, Just Try It!

A few weeks ago we were invited to a bachelor party for our good buddy Wade and we didn't think twice, we were going for sure. Then we found out that we would be going to BATL, an axe throwing establishment and axe throwing league! How awesome is that? Drinking beer and throwing axes with a pile of your good friends. This is going to be glorious. This is a

Bushcraft Cocktails

Easy Bushcraft Cocktails – “Spruce” Up Your Whiskey, Bourbon or Vodka

We've done lots of pieces on how to cook and what to cook while in the woods on However, we've never done anything on making drinks in the bush - Bushcraft Cocktails. You think you are surprised? You should have seen our face when we figured it out. It's been on of

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