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A collection of our very own advice on all things camping.  Tips and Tricks to help you out while your lost in the woods. We dont know if you can quite call these camping hacks, but they are entertaining.

Topographic Map Whiskey Armytek Flashlight

A Guide To Checking The Bloody Map! (Topographic Map Reading)

Every once in a while we give you something useful. is handy and handsome! It's almost spring and some of us are starting to plan our camping, canoeing,  and hiking trips!  This is our second favorite season. - Man Season. Time to break out the Maps and see where we will go this year.  Looking at maps make men gather just the same way a car does when

Topographic Map Reading

16 Canoeing Terms You May Not Know The Meaning Of

When we first got into camping and canoeing we came across many terms that we didn't know about, as you would with any subject you are not familiar with.  We decided to help out those who are unfamiliar with some of the more refined camping terms. You may know these words, but do you really know what they mean? Have you experienced them? If you haven't, you don't REALLY know

How to wake up your boozy friend on a backcountry trip

How to wake up your boozy friend on a backcountry trip

      When a member of your entourage goes down for a nap after consuming a weee bit to much scotch... there is only one suitable way to wake them up

The Beer Advent Calendar (Beer-Vent Calendar)

Do you have a big trip coming up soon? Are you counting down the days? Does your wife tell you that you act like a child?   Take our suggestions... embrace it! Own it! Here is the manliest calendar available. The Beer-Vent calendar. No it doesn't have any half baked women on it but it still ranks right up there!  This calendar is easy to make, drinkable and you don't have

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