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Camping recipes! A collection of the finest camping recipes that are easy to make and can be taken on any kind of adventure.

ManFood: Beer & Bourbon Bacon Jerky

Beer Bourbon Bacon Jerky – 4 of our favorite things in one glorious Manfood Camping snack! A few days ago...

How to make bacon jerky

Bacon Caesar Jerky

  Note: We have this recipe to our friends at Paddle In for their Food Barrel Friday series! If you...

Homemade CampFire'd Perogies

ManFood – Homemade Campfire’d Perogies – Potato Bacon Cheese / Sauerkraut SourCream & Bacon

Two Quick recipes for Homemade Campfire’d Perogies in the wilderness? Yes Please.  If you are anything like us, we normally...

How to Make Bacon Salt

The Real Way To Make Bacon Salt

The Real Way To Make Bacon Salt You love bacon. You put bacon in every recipe you can right? Well,...

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