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Camping recipes! A collection of the finest camping recipes that are easy to make and can be taken on any kind of adventure.

ManFood: Campfire Grilled Southwest Chipotle Ribs

Campfire Grilled Southwest Chipotle Ribs

A Campfire Grilled, Spicy Southwest Chiptole Rib recipe for the wilderness. Really easy to make and take with you into the wilderness. Manfood at it's finest.

Beef Bacon Sushi Camping Recipe

Beef Bacon Sushi? And Did We Mention Cold Beer?

60% Delicious, 40% Also delicious OK, so it's not really sushi, but it is beef & bacon, it looks like sushi and it will keep your beer cold!  It's extremely easy to make, it's made from some of our favorite animals and will fill your craving for protein at the end of your paddling day. We can't take all the credit for this one as it's been out there

Cooking underground bushcraft camping recipe

ManFood: Underground Chicken!

Now this is a new one even for us.  This is the "Hold my beer and watch this" of camp cooking! You've cooked in the backcountry before, on the camp stove, over the coals of a hot campfire, maybe even with a  blow torch but have your ever cooked underground? Try this out on your next camping trip.  This method is especially useful for those worried about wildlife in the

Bacon Pancakes camping recipe

ManFood: Bacon, Beer & Breakfast

ManCamping has covered snacks and we've covered dinner. But what about breakfast?  The meal in which bacon proudly stands out! No longer condemned to being a side dish or a topping, but a beautiful center piece to your morning hangover-helping plate of glorious food! TIP: While you're ManCamping, a B&B means Beer and bacon, not a nice place to sleep. Here is what we cooked up. Give it a try and

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