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Camping recipes! A collection of the finest camping recipes that are easy to make and can be taken on any kind of adventure.

Bacon Pancakes camping recipe

ManFood: Bacon, Beer & Breakfast

ManCamping has covered snacks and we've covered dinner. But what about breakfast?  The meal in which bacon proudly stands out! No longer condemned to being a side dish or a topping, but a beautiful center piece to your morning hangover-helping plate of glorious food! TIP: While you're ManCamping, a B&B means Beer and bacon, not a nice place to sleep. Here is what we cooked up. Give it a try and

ManFood – Dehydrated Pulled Pork – Dear God Yes!

ManFood – Dehydrated Pulled Pork – Dear God Yes!

Just because you're in the backwoods doesn't mean you have to eat granola or rely on freeze-dried meals. Although we are fans of the MountainHouse Sweet and Sour Pork. When the wife is away who hasn't made one for dinner? (Maybe we're just lazy)

Either way, let's get back on track

ManCamping’s Ultimate Beef Jerky Recipe

ManCamping’s Ultimate Beef Jerky Recipe

A few camping snacks for those who don’t want to eat GORP. Beef Jerky, Bacon Flavoured Sunflower Seeds, and more. Skip the dried fruit plywood sticks. Camping snacks for men.

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