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Tires of GORP? Try these camp snack recipes out to liven up your camping experience. From beef jerky to bacon salted beer pretzels,

We have some camp snack ideas you’ll love.

Soft Beer Pretzels topped with Bacon Salt

ManCamping’s Soft Beer Pretzel Recipe -Topped With Bacon Salt. 

Soft Pretzels Topped With Bacon Salt.  Since we aren’t out in the woods today, ManCamping is spending some time in...

Beer & Bourbon Bacon Jerky

Beer Bourbon Bacon Jerky – 4 of our favorite things in one glorious Manfood camping snack! We know you’re curious...

How to make bacon jerky

Bacon Jerky – Super Easy Bacon Caesar Jerky!

An easy bacon jerky recipe – with Caesar spice? Note: We gave this easy bacon jerky recipe to our friends...

Homemade CampFire'd Perogies

ManFood – Homemade Campfire Pierogies – Potato Bacon Cheese / Sauerkraut SourCream & Bacon

Two Quick recipes for Homemade Campfire Pierogies in the wilderness? Yes Please.  If you are anything like us, we normally...

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