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Camping Snacks! A collection of the finest camping recipes that are easy to make and can be taken on any kind of adventure.

ManFood: Beer & Bourbon Bacon Jerky

Beer Bourbon Bacon Jerky – 4 of our favorite things in one glorious Manfood Camping snack! A few days ago...

How to make bacon jerky

Bacon Caesar Jerky

  Note: We have this recipe to our friends at Paddle In for their Food Barrel Friday series! If you...

Homemade CampFire'd Perogies

ManFood – Homemade Campfire’d Perogies – Potato Bacon Cheese / Sauerkraut SourCream & Bacon

Two Quick recipes for Homemade Campfire’d Perogies in the wilderness? Yes Please.  If you are anything like us, we normally...

Wrap Everything In Bacon

Camping Recipe – ManFood Wrap Everything In Bacon!

Camping Recipe .. all bacon. Yes it is officially time that we gave you another ManFood recipe involving bacon. Is there ever a bad time for bacon? Even after a heart attack, we would prescribe a healthy amount of bacon. Bacon. Bacon. Bacon - We love you.  Here are a few side dishes, snacks, or meal upgrades you can make while your out in the wild.  Give them a try at home or out in

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