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Tires of GORP? Try these camp snack recipes out to liven up your camping experience. From beef jerky to bacon salted beer pretzels,

We have some camp snack ideas you’ll love.

Homemade CampFire'd Perogies

ManFood – Homemade Campfire Pierogies – Potato Bacon Cheese / Sauerkraut SourCream & Bacon

Two Quick recipes for Homemade Campfire Pierogies in the wilderness? Yes Please.  If you are anything like us, we normally...

Wrap Everything In Bacon

Camping Recipe – ManFood Wrap Everything In Bacon!

Camping Recipe .. all bacon. Yes it is officially time that we gave you another ManFood recipe involving bacon. Is there ever a bad time for bacon? Even after a heart attack, we would prescribe a healthy amount of bacon. Bacon. Bacon. Bacon - We love you.  Here are a few side dishes, snacks, or meal upgrades you can make while your out in the wild.  Give them a try at home or out in

ManCamping’s Ultimate Beef Jerky Recipe

ManCamping’s Ultimate Beef Jerky Recipe

A few camping snacks for those who don’t want to eat GORP. Beef Jerky, Bacon Flavoured Sunflower Seeds, and more. Skip the dried fruit plywood sticks. Camping snacks for men.

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