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ManCamping Women

Think ManCamping is only about men? You couldn’t be more wrong. Check out this collection of ManCamping Women out there having the same or better misadventures than the rest of us! Camping, Hiking, canoeing and more.

Week of ManCamping Women – 50 Days Of Laughter In The Backcountry by Mercede Rogers

You can’t light a fire without a spark – 50 days of laughter in the backcountry. Mercede Rogers Instagram @sadielady456...

Getting Lost and Making Friends

Week of ManCamping Women – Getting Lost and Making Friends

We met Nicole last year in Killarney Provincial Park, running down an 800m portage … barefoot. I spoke up to...

ManCamping Women - Chantelle Poisson

Week of ManCamping Women – Broken Bones on the Silhouette – Chantelle Poisson

Day 2 of our Week of ManCamping Women Features Chantelle Poisson! When we reached out on social media to hear...

Bear In The Woods - Heather Mills

Week of ManCamping Women – Bear In The Woods – Heather Mills

    Bear in the Woods – By Heather Mills When the ManCamping team asked me to write a story celebrating...

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