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The camping trip reports that started it all… our camping trip reports.  Stories of what happens when ManCamping adventures out into the wilderness.

Getting Lost and Making Friends

Week of ManCamping Women – Getting Lost and Making Friends

We met Nicole last year in Killarney Provincial Park, running down an 800m portage … barefoot. I spoke up to...

ManCamping Women - Chantelle Poisson

Week of ManCamping Women – Broken Bones on the Silhouette – Chantelle Poisson

Day 2 of our Week of ManCamping Women Features Chantelle Poisson! When we reached out on social media to hear...

Things ARE going to go wrong.

Do you have any idea what to do for big injuries when your miles away from help? Do you have...

Frost Center Launch

New Dog, New Captain, New Paddler & New Park

Did you read that title? That is a lot of “new”.  This particular trip we headed to a park that...

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