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The camping trip reports that started it all… our camping trip reports.  Stories of what happens when ManCamping adventures out into the wilderness.

ManCamping Bushcraft Shelter

My Canoe Trip With ManCamping – Trip Report by Eric Bender

There are two types of canoe/camping trips. The first is one where you are travelling each day, seeing all that you can and putting some distance behind you. The other, is a paddle out to one spot, make camp for the weekend and have a few drinks with your friends. This... is the later. So I had the great pleasure of going on a backwoods camping trip with Mr

Video: Splitting Your Pants, And What To Do About It (Hint: Make Char Cloth)

Video: Splitting Your Pants, And What To Do About It (Hint: Make Char Cloth)

It was Easter long weekend, and as you read in the title - Scot from ManCamping split his pants. We didn't have much with us in the way of camera equipment and we certainly weren't in the woods.  But, you can learn as lesson here, and apply it to your wilderness adventures.  Instead of just being embarrassed, why not make something useful. We made char cloth!

Killarney Canoe Trip

Johnny ManCamping + Killarney Day 1

Some of you may have seen our post about our Killarney Trip last month.  Some of you know that a ManCamping trip never goes as planned. Well, we have a video breakdown of how each day went.. Johnny ManCamping is up first. Any guesses on how this trip went?

Paddling The Credit River Ontario Toronto

Patio Beers, Saturdays and The Credit River

It has been way to long.  Way to long since we have done something stupid.  Like many of you, we have been restricted by weather, family functions, work and wives for months on end and haven't been able to do the wilderness wander.  So we came up with a plan.. take some ill advised, wrong information, not follow up or do our own research and embark on a trip that should never

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