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Fire Piston Canada

Fire Piston = Fire God! What is a fire piston?

So what is a fire piston? There is something I find really interesting about the Outdoor industry: It’s backwards. Backwards...

ManCamping Has Knives! Camillus Knives!

ManCamping Has Knives! Camillus Knives!

The ManCamping Gear Shop is expanding it’s product line up with Camillus knives! Over the past few weeks we’ve added...

Armytek Flashlight Partner C2 Pro V3 XHP35

New Armytek Flashlights on

We’ve got exciting news! We have a few of the new Armytek flashlights on We took a stroll down...

Kelly Kettle Hobo Stove

New – Kelly Kettle Hobo Stove

It’s a bit ridiculous how excited we get when there is a UPS delivery notice on our door. It means...

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