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ManCamping’s Shop Opens To Stop The Spread Of Glamping is proud to finally announce that we are opening our online store! We have done our research. We have been into countless retail camping shops, and we've looked at dozens of online shops. Coming to the same conclusion almost every time - Glamping products are taking over. Call us crazy, but you do not need a GPS that cooks dinner for you, reads you a bed time story

Thermo Tents

No More Tent-Crocking! Thermo Tents Kickstarter- Acoustically & Thermally Insulated Tents!

[caption id="attachment_859" align="alignleft" width="232"]ThermoTents - Acoustically and Thermally Insultated Tents ThermoTents - Acoustically and Thermally Insultated Tents[/caption]

So the fine Irish lads over at Thermo Tents Ltd. have finally launched their campaign!  If you haven't heard about the tents the have designed you may want to start paying attention. These tents are pretty damn cool... literally.  A tent that blocks out the cold

Demeritwear demerit badges Moral Patches Canada

Badges of Honor in our opinion

[caption id="attachment_849" align="alignright" width="111"]DemeritWear-Demerit-Badge-Skinny-Dipping Skinny Dipping Demerit Badge[/caption] Have you "gone swimming" with a capsized canoe? Got caught skinny dipping? Someone in your group of trusty degenerate friends forget the compass or got you hopelessly lost in the bush? Check this out... I think it's fair to say that we love to celebrate misfortune; yours, mine and of course our friends

Power in the wilderness – What works, What doesn’t.

Power in the wilderness – What works, What doesn’t.

As much as we like to talk about leaving all the glamping gear behind and just bringing the essentials out with us on our adventures, we can't help but love our electronics and gadgets. Who doesn't stop to see a new gizmo, gadget, or ultimate wilderness warrior contraption. Admit it, you have looked up some new tech for the up coming year, read about it, thought about buying it, maybe

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