Crickets… Crickets …Crickets

There have been a few crickets here over the past few weeks. Not because we have been in the woods unfortunately. 


We’ve been a little busy over the past month, and for good reason.  Last month we were part of the 150for150 up in Algonquin park. An amazing event that brought together 150 canoes to celebrate Canada’s 150th birthday.   The event went great! Despite the rain and the hoards of bugs, people came out, dressed up their boats and were in great spirits. We managed to get 150 canoes in one big circle that day. I am amazed that many boats could e organized to e honest lol.  Unfortunately, I did not get many photos from this event but you can see them all over Facebook and Instagram (#150for150).

Following that weekend, our family cottage time changed this year and we spent the next two weekends up in Sauble Beach. I am not complaining. I wish I had a little more time to spend up there, but anytime is better than no time.

For a guy who doesn’t like to make plans, I was booked for 5 weekends in a row! I tried to fight it tooth and nail, but the plans were being made for me… It was out of my control.


All of this was happening by the way, while I was starting a new fulltime job. (Yes ManCamping is not my only job. Although that would be awesome!) Much like everyone else I too have a full time job as an account manager on behalf of Telus Mobility. The outdoors guy who advocates for less devices, is a device guy at heart. Lol. I’m actually just more of a tech geek. What guy doesn’t like gadgets! (See Also: Shameless Plugs) 

Over this past weekend, I was at a BBQ to see Johnny’s new house… Nice place buddy! If you haven’t noticed already, that makes…. I don’t 157 weekends in a row I haven’t been in the wilderness. If plans are going to keep me out of the woods, then I will fight fire with fire…. I made plans, to go into the woods. I invited some friends, however I am going with, or without them. I don’t think it is good for my health to have so much time on land. I need to be in a boat. Also, I am pretty sure that my boats need some exercise. My wife bought me an early birthday present – a restored cedar strip canoe. Even it hasn’t seen water yet.

I will be rectifying this issue shortly. I will tell you all about it soon. It’s about time I take my own advice and “Screw Everything… I am going Camping”


Stay Tuned.



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