Easy Bushcraft Cocktails – “Spruce” Up Your Whiskey, Bourbon or Vodka

We’ve done lots of pieces on how to cook and what to cook while in the woods on ManCamping.ca. However, we’ve never done anything on making drinks in the bush – Bushcraft Cocktails. You think you are surprised? You should have seen our face when we figured it out. It’s been on of those things we’ve been meaning to get to, but never did. With the ice-out starting to happen everywhere around us, we think it’s a perfect time to put this up for you.

Go to any forum or talk to just about any backcountry traveling man and you will get pretty much the same answer when you ask the question: “What do you bring into the woods to drink?” The answer is straight booze. The type of booze will differ slightly depending on your taste. Maybe you’re a whiskey guy, maybe Bourbon? Vodka? Gin?  It’s always something that can be enjoyed straight. The reason behind it is that you don’t want to haul the extra weight of mix (Coke, Tonic Water, Etc). The only problem is that sometimes, on longer trips, drinking the same thing over and over again gets a little tired. You want variety, and stealing whatever your camp-mates brought is not always an option. In comes Bushcraft Cocktails, classing up the backcountry canoe trips in a woodsman sort of way. Let us help you ‘Spruce Up’ your back country drinks. See what we did there? Hahahaha No?  These drinks may not be for everybody, but they are worth a shot. Pun intended.

Pine Infused Whiskey 

You read that write. Pine infused whiskey. This couldn’t be easier to make, and it actually has an amazing flavor.  This brings your whiskey to a whole new woodsy level. It’s just like pine needle tea only – it’s whiskey. Make sure you know what kind of Pine you are using so you know it’s edible.

The How:

  1. Once your up and moving in the morning, take your Nalgene bottle with what is left of your whiskey and open the lid. *Can be especially difficult depending on your level of hangover*
  2. Cut off a few twigs, with lots of needles, from a Pine tree and shove them into the bottle. (Sorry Tree… it’s for a good cause! )
  3. Let that pine soak – Leave it until dark, give it as much time as you can. The more time – the more pine! This is enhanced if you are travelling for the day having the mixture slosh around.
  4. Open the bottle, smell the pine and the whiskey, swirl around like a southern gentlemen to arouse the aroma, and take a sip. Make sure you don’t actually drink the needles. That would be bad.

Blueberry Lemonade Bourbon

Did you bring Bourbon? Bourbon doesn’t work well with pine in our opinion. But chances are, you have drink crystal with you. We usually carry lemonade. CountryTime lemonade.  If you are lucky enough to be in Ontario during July or August, it shouldn’t take much searching to find yourself some blueberries either!

The How:

  1. Get some lake water. You should probably purify it, but its your call. Make your lemonade.
  2. Get your self a handful of blueberries and toss them in. Use your knife or a stick for the extra woodsy effect, crush those babies up
  3. Add in your Bourbon – We recommend 2/3 of a cup of bourbon for every 5 cups of mix.
  4. You now have a Bourbon sour, woodsman ol’ fashion! Sort of. It tastes good if you do it right.

Blueberry Leaf Whiskey/Bourbon

Are Blueberries not in season? Are they picked over by the bears? Not to worry – Remember: A man takes control of any situation. If you can find the plant, we can still help. The leaves of the Blueberry plant works just as well, it just needs a little more time. It turns out to be just a hint of blueberry, but it’s enough to be different. Make it, just like you would make Blueberry tea. Make sure you can identify a Blueberry bush. Accidentally making Poison Ivy Leaf Bourbon would be bad. Making Magic Mushroom Bourbon – Could go either way, but it’s a hell of a gamble…with your life!

The How:

  1. Gather up the leaves from the Blueberry plant and put them into a pot to boil up with a  bit of water.  You may want to bruise them up a little before hand, like you are making a Mojito.
  2. Boil up the leafs and water, just like you’re making blueberry tea. Once you’ve boiled it for a few minutes, remove it from the heat and let it cool.
  3. Mix some whiskey and some blueberry tea together. (Without the leaves) Surprisingly, blueberry and whiskey go really well together.

Kooli-Tang Smashers – For the brave souls

If you haven’t figured this one out, try it. That is all. You’ll need that Kool-Aid powder you brought, and your booze. Hopefully vodka, but we won’t judge if you try it with something else. Lord knows we have.

The How:

  1. Empty Kool-Aid powder into your mouth.
  2. Pour booze into your mouth
  3. Shake head to mix.
  4. Swallow.
  5. Shake head again because you tried it. Laugh at others who try it after you.

Bush Martini

We can only thank our buddy “The Tom” for this one. He tried this while we were in Killarney last year, and to be honest, we all ended up trying it. It’s a little rough, but hey, you’re a ManCamper. You’ll need your individual Crystal Light packets, and some vodka.

The How:

  1. Take you crystal light and empty it into your coffee mug, Nalgene bottle, collapsible bowl, whatever you have. You’re in the woods, we won’t judge.
  2.  Pour in the vodka! Be liberal, it will need it.
  3. Enjoy it. It’s a blast of flavor mixed with a blast of vodka. Powerful, yet effective.

These are just some of the creations we have made in the past. We have other drinks to share in the future, including something Johnny ManCamping calls “Souring Burning”. But these are going to be saved for another time.

What adventures have you been on while attempting to make a drink in the woods? You know you’ve created some amazing ones and some disgusting ones. We want to hear about them all.

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