#GetOutside2019 – Building A Tepee ManCamping Style

As some of you know we’re working with Paddle In and Revelry Outdoor Equipment to bring you the #getoutside2019 challenge. With an emphasis on getting outside for at least an hour a day. There will be prizes, videos, contests , and all kinds of activities to go along with it this year.

With this in mind we thought we would bring you a little version of what ManCamping does when we’re not out in the wilderness. We built a Tepee!

ManCamping Drinking Tepee

What the hell is a ManCamping Tepee?

It is exactly as it sounds. We built a 20 foot tall tepee so that we had a place to go with the neighbors to have a beer in the cold.

As most of our adventures start… We were having a beer with our friends down the road Steve, Christina and Darren. Somehow, we got on the topic of making a Tepee. A few more beers and a few design ideas were thrown around and the next day the poles were being dragged out of the bush by Steve and Darren. Steve had the idea and had been thinking about this tepee, researching and engineering this in his head for God knows how long. Lol… It’s time to make this happen.

The poles were tied together at the top and erected (Insert giggling here).

ManCamping Drinking Tepee

We gathered up a giant tarp used for hay bales for the outside, as well as a regular everyday white poly tarp to use as an inside liner, a hammer and a few tacks, a staple gun and ….. a back hoe. You know… just the essentials.

The hay bale tarp was tacked up at the top by raising us up in the bucket of the back hoe. We even added an extra pole tied to the top flap of the tepee tarp so that we could control the air flow!

The outside tarp was tacked on so that a two foot gap was left at the bottom. The inside tarp went from the ground half way up the Tepee. Why you ask? This creates not only a wind barrier but a great airflow system to take the smoke out and eliminate any condensation and moisture build up inside.

Did I mention we built this Tepee during a -35 C cold snap? Windy and face freezing, snotsicles and frost bitten fingers. Some of Christina’s teenagers (Who I affectionately named “3.0” because I am terrible at remembering names and her boyfriend Coleslaw) even got involved with the build, dressed in old school snowmobiling suits to keep warm! An old school style event!

Once we had the tepee halfway finished, we lit the fire inside. With only half of the inside tarp installed… it was already warm enough to grab some tree stumps for seats and sit inside without jackets comfortably!

all in all… a great day spent outside and best of all… we now have a Tepee that has stood up to 80km winds, ice storms and lots more. I have a feeling this Tepee will have a ton of future use!

Stay tuned for warmer weather, where we’ll be sleeping in the Tepee!

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