Highlights from the Toronto Outdoor Adventure Show Toronto

Did you make it to the Toronto Outdoor Adventure Show this weekend? Not worry, we are going to show some of the highlights to make you regret missing it and possible hate your life. If you are reading this from else where in the country, here is what you have to look forward to for the Vancouver show (March 7-8th, 2015) and the Calgary show (March 21-22nd, 2015). Be sure to check out the upcoming shows or put it in your calendar for next year. Seriously put it in your calendar. We’ll wait…

Check out some of these highlights.
Preston Ciere (www.Portageur.ca) and Nancy in the demo pool talking about doggy paddling!

Uncle Phil Cotton – Showcasing the Wabakimi project and the Wabakimi Provincial Park. Great park and a great project. Check them out.


Preston Ciere (Portageur.ca) speaking about his adventures and saving Wolf lake in the Temagami area. Very cool story. Look it up! #WoldlakeWednesday



Kevin Callan (happycamper.com) always draws a crowd. Entertaining and high energy, he is an accomplished author and professor! ManCamping has used trips out of his books several times!


Treetop Trekking setup a zip line in the show! You could get an amazing birds eye view will flying across the top of the show. The line up was to long for ManCamping to take part. 🙁 Either that or they knew we would be trouble. Not a fan of zip lining? try indoor rock climbing!


Swift Canoes! You can bet we spent some time wandering around and chatting with these guys! They had boats of all kinds and even showed off their new product – an alternative to Royalex.



Paddle Shack Canoes, Kayaks and SUP



Wabakimi Wilderness Outfitters – The outfitters that virtually started ManCamping. They outfitted us for our epic Wabakimi trip and we can’t wait to get back there and do it again.  Bert and Brenda even remembered us as the two who were brought home by the O.P.P. and the guys who hand cuffed the canoe to a trailer so it wouldn’t get stolen. ManCamping – we’re good people lol.



Harlan Schwartz of Red lake Outfitters – We can’t wait to get our fly-in trip booked with these guys. We’ve talked about it for years and now it’s time. We’ll be in touch shortly Harlan!

There was all kinds of information, new products and gear, outfitters, and great conversation. We ran into a few of our friends there as well. Always nice to get together, even if its at a show.  This show keeps getting better every year.

Did you go to the show? What did you think?

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  • Paul (Mr. Adventure)
    5 years ago

    Great to get a feel for the show. I may try to head east for it next year.

    • Let us know! We should meet up. I believe a beverage of some sort would be in order!

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