How To Clean Your Kelly Kettle


If you have a Kelly Kettle, this will be great info for you. If you don’t have one or don’t know what a Kelly Kettle is or how it works, this will give you some insight as to how they work! 

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Note: We actually use the camping gear we show you here on Just in case you;re wondering why it doesn’t look brand new out of the box! 🙂 

Kelly Kettles are amazing pieces of camp gear. But like all equipment, you should take care of it.  How often you clean them is up to you… We clean ours every few years. 

A Kelly Kettle works like this… 

The kettle is doubled walled so when you fill it with water, the water actually surrounds the hollow center that acts a chimney. As you light a fire in the base, the heat and fire travel up the chimney heating the water from every direction. The reflection of heat in the chimney and the surface area of the water you can heat at once (compared to a camp stove) make boiling water super fast! 

How to Clean Your Kelly Kettle

Every adventure mark you see on this kettle has an awesome story behind it.. We just can’t keep track of which ones were from what event! ha! 

After many uses, you’ll notice your Kelly Kettle turning black on the inside. This is creosote build up. You need to clean this out every once in while. Some people say the black colour of the creosote is good for heat, but I don’t think so…. It takes longer for the creosote to heat up and therefore slows down your kettle. 

To clean it, it is super simple. Scrub until your arms call off… Then use your legs, face and feet. Lol … it’s not really that bad but it is a work out. 

How to Clean Your Kelly Kettle

We use two wife brushes:

  1. A small brush that will fit the top opening of the kettle
  2. A larger brush for cleaning through the bottom of the kettle. 

You can use 1 brush that will fit both sides, but it will take a little longer as you can’t clean as much at once.

Take your wire brush and go at it! Scrape baby scrape!  You won’t hurt the metal of the kettle (Ha Rhyme!) But it will scrap off all the creosote eventually. 

Recommendation: Do this outside or in a shop… It’s messy. 

Here is what came out of this kettle after 4 years of use.

How to Clean Your Kelly KettleFor all those minimalists concerned with the weight of your pack; here’s a great way to save ounces! Lol

Be good to your gear and it’ll be good to you. 


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