Introducing Bearded and Bourbon – Waxed Canvas Camping and bushcraft gear

We’re starting up our our line of waxed canvas camping and bushcraft gear and we wanted to tell you! We’re calling it Bearded and Bourbon – Waxed Canvas & Leather.

The Bearded and Bourbon Waxed Canvas Workspace

You may have seen some of our social media posts on our Instagram and Facebook pages with a few photos of all of this, but we wanted to make an official announcement after getting such amazing feedback!

Bearded and Bourbon – Waxed Canvas & Leather camping & bushcraft gear

Traditional, Handcrafted Camping and Bushcraft Gear – Made by a bearded guy and baptized with a bit of bourbon for good luck and safe travels.

What are we making?

Here’s the deal – We’re starting off with some really simple waxed canvas outdoor products. We’re building waxed canvas products that we needed, liked and built for ourselves and think you’ll enjoy; Including The Workspace and our first Camp Kitchen Tool Roll (Coming Soon).

The Bearded and Bourbon Workspace

Handmade from 12oz Cotton Canvas, this small ground sheet gives anyone adventuring into the wilderness a clean and dry space to work on just about anything. The Bearded & Bourbon Workspace can be used as a clean space to prepare food, gather tinder, a dry spot to set your pack, a place to sit and lots more. It a simple ground sheet with lots of class and years of stories ahead of it.

The Workspace is hand waxed with paraffin and beeswax making it repel dirt and water, ready for adventure. Accented with an oiled leather wrap to keep it tightly rolled and easily packed when your on the move.

-Handmade from 12oz Cotton Canvas
-Waxed with Paraffin & Beeswax
-22″ x 22″ Open / 11″ x 2″ Rolled
-Oiled Leather wrap
-Bourbon Baptized

Click here to see this product in our store. More products will follow soon!

Who is Bearded and Bourbon for?

Bearded and Bourbon is for the explorers. The bushcrafters, the canoeists, the outdoorsman, the hikers and the adventurers. For those who value tradition and for those who appreciate spending time in the wilderness.

If you respect quality craftsmanship, appreciate the character that something traditional can carry and take pride in having the skills to thrive in the outdoors – We’re making our gear for you.

Bearded and Bourbon products are durable, weather resistant and unstoppable – You never back down from a challenge and neither will our gear.

Who is making Bearded and Bourbon products?

We both are! We are designing, crafting and waxing all our own products. Handmade in Canada. ??

Canvas and Leather can last a lifetime if you take care of it. It will also take on character and tell stories. YOUR STORIES. Add your stories, your adventures and your legend – one trip at a time. This is a large part of the building process.

What’s with the name?

Traditional and rugged – All our items are made by ManCamping – A bearded guy. (Bet you didn’t think I could sew did you?)

All Bearded & Bourbon products are given a Bourbon Baptism, much like a new boat gets christened before it launches. A gesture of good luck and safe travels. Hey, Vikings used to use human blood. We think Bourbon is a little more refined, classy and humane.

Baptized with Bourbon as a gesture of good luck and safe travels.

Check out Bearded and Bourbon products and many other great products in our store here.

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