Man Camping vs Glamping

Are you new to Man Camping? Not sure if you are doing it right? We are all about helping you get some testosterone back in your system, and put an end to Glamping! We are declaring war. Here is a quick list to compare Camping, Glamping and Man Camping.

In order to Man Camp, ask your self; Can I eat? Can I sleep? Can I drink excessively? Can I get back from where I’m going? Bring only the essentials to answers these questions. This isn’t a complete list, but its a great example. (We’re sure someone is going to yell at us for something we added or didn’t add to this list).

Rule of thumb: Don’t take suggestions from anyone on what to bring… you’re a man. Which makes this listing pointless. Never the less. #PutAStopToGlamping

Camping Glamping Man Camping
Tent Queen Size Air Mattress Sleeping Bag
Sleeping Bag Comforter Canoe (You may substitute for Hovercraft)
Air Mattress Pillows Fire Starter
Stove Over Size Tent (5+) Booze(No mix, no ice, just booze)
Cooking Pot/Pan(s) Tent Heater First Aid Kit (Jack Daniels?)
Cooking Utensils Dining Tent Camp Saw/Axe
Plates Cooler(s) Knife
Cups Food Cooking Pot/Pan
Matches/Lighter Booze Fishing Rod/Tackle
Cooler Hot Tub Camp Pack
Food Water Container Rope
Booze Car/Truck Optional
Ice Camp Shower Tent
Snacks Butler Sleeping Mat
Tarp Portable Toilet Compass
Lantern Patio lanterns Map (Instructions? Pfffssst)
Flashlights Lantern & Flashlights Tarp
Radio/Music BBQ Food
Camera Camp Stove Flashlight
Football/Frisbee Cooking Pots/Pans Common Sense
Camping Chair Cooking Utensils Planning
Knife Plates
Camp Saw/Axe Cups
Map Money for firewood
Compass Entire Wardrobe
Extra Clothes Giant Tarp
First Aid Kit Cellphones
Water Filter Stereo
Rope Laptop
Camp Pack Movie projector
Optional Bug Spray
Canoe/kayak Mosquito Coils
Fishing Rod/Tackle Beach Umbrella
Inflatable Dingy
Kitchen Sink
Starbucks locator app
Beauty Salon
Camping Couch
Wi-Fi Router

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