ManCampingWomen Takeover Announcement!

We have some exciting news to share with you. Next week, the ManCampingWomen will be taking over out site! 

Each day we are going to have different post from our ManCampingWomen.  They are strong, outdoorsy women who are out there adventuring (probably harder and better than the rest of us) and have the same misadventures or just plain funny stories to share.  After all, ManCamping is not a gender thing; it’s a state of mind and lack of planning thing.  

We even left the stories up to them, we don’t even know what they are going to write. Which could be dangerous now that we think about it….especially since we have camped with a few of them. Wait, this really might not be good for us personally. We are going to go rethink this, and our lives completely. But either way, the ManCampingWomen takeover is happen next week. 

Check back everyday to hear what they have to share.  Maybe we should share who these ManCampers are? Nah… you’ll find out next week. 

One Response to “ManCampingWomen Takeover Announcement!

  • I can hardly wait! Will we get “alternative facts” or the real truth? Even in the wilderness truth no doubt often depends upon point of view. 🙂

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