Beer & Bourbon Bacon Jerky

Beer Bourbon Bacon Jerky – 4 of our favorite things in one glorious Manfood camping snack!

We know you’re curious about how to make bacon jerky. Right?

A few days ago we posted an amazing Caesar Bacon Jerky recipe, now we have another one for you. Give them both a try on your next camping trip and let us know what you think of both! 

Bacon by itself is always amazing, but we think we found a way to make it better & portable! Gourmet Bacon jerky to munch on along your adventure trail is the perfect way to stave off the munchies and to stop you from becoming hangry on those long days of paddling! Blending beer marinade and the spicy pepper bourbon spice make for a wonderful mix of two of our favorite flavours with a burst of pepper kick. 

Warning: The fat content can make this tricky to make. Make sure you get as much fat and grease out! The key is to regularly pat down and remove the grease through out both the cooking and the hydrating! 

What you’ll need:
1 pound bacon (regular store bought will do… Just don’t use thick cut!)
2 Beers of your choice – We went with some Mill Street Organic but use whatever you like. 

Note: Use a small container… Then you can drink the rest of the beer you don’t use! 
Blazing Bourbon Pepper Spice (available in the spice section at any grocery store.


How to make it:
Bacon doesn’t dehydrate well out of the package. Fat doesn’t dehydrate and will cause your Jerky to go rancid. Wasting bacon is against ManCamping-Law. So we’re going to cook it a little first. Cooking the fat off will take care of this problem.

  1. Grab yourself a container and pour in your beers and a pound of bacon. put a lid on it and let it soak overnight
  2. Once you’ve let your bacon soak in beer for at least 12 hours – Set out your bacon a cookie tray and spice with your bourbon pepper spice libberally or to taste.
  3. Cook in the oven at 280 for a half hour. Remove the cookie tray from the oven and drain the grease. Pat your bacon dry with paper towel. Flip the bacon & season this side with your spice. Repeat the pat dry and flip until you have cooked your bacon through (we cooked for about 2 hours total)
  4. Once you have lightly cooked off the fat and lightly cooked your bacon…. Remove from the oven. Drain and Pat once more.
  5. Place your bacon in your dehydrator (or oven if you don’t have one, just leave the oven door cracked open slightly) @ 145 degrees and let it go for about 6-8 hours. Check every few hours to keep removing the grease and remove when your desired jerkyness reached.

Let cool completely before vacuum sealing or zip-locking. Now you have pocket bacon for your adventure.

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