New Armytek Flashlights on

We’ve got exciting news! We have a few of the new Armytek flashlights on

We took a stroll down to the Armytek office and picked up three new flashlights. They have some of the same names as the models we currently carry but these new Armytek flashlights are even brighter than before. They could blind a bear and light up the skinny dippers from across the lake before, were not sure where to go from there to describe the new ones. Soooo… lets all be surprised but what comes out of our mouths on this one. 

A few quick points in case you are not familiar.

  • Lumens : the amount of light produced. (1500 lumens is roughly equal to a 100w light bulb
  • Beam distance: How far the light will reach
  • All Armytek flashlights use 18650 batteries and they last a REALLY long time. We have taken them 7 day trips, and continued to use them around the house for an additional month before even thinking about recharging the batteries. 

First up : The Armytek Partner C2 Pro V3 XHP35

Armytek Flashlight Partner C2 Pro V3 XHP35

Armytek Flashlight Partner C2 Pro V3 XHP35

Yes we know the names of the lights are incredible long and complex. We didn’t name them. But it sounds so technical, that it reminds us of being a secret agent with a code name for everything, so it’s cool with us. The small size of this light makes it excellent for carrying with you into the back country, yet it is still a power house with 2100 lumens and a beam distance of 192 meters. Not to shabby for this little guy. The body of the light is a little different from the last Partner model, but its easier to handle and not as bulky. As with all Armytek flashlights, the Armytek Partner is waterproof, dust-proof and shock proof so it will stand up to being thrown as a weapon or a dunking when your canoe tips over. At just over 4.5 inches long and only 61g in weight. You can throw this light in a pack and you won’t even know its there. The beam distance isn’t as far as the others so you will have to be a little more stealthy to surprise the skinny dippers. 


Next: The Armytek Predator Pro V3 XHP35

Armytek Flashlight Predator pro V3 XHP35

Just like we described it the last time, the name just sounds terrifyingly awesome. PREDATOR!!! The body of the flashlight has stayed the same in terms of look and feel, but the lumens have been up’d to 1700 lumens (previous 1200) and the throw (Beam Distance) increased slightly to 451 meters. That’s almost half a kilometer of light from these little things! Incredible. The Predator sacrifices a little bit of light compared to the Partner, but it makes up for it in the distance the light will travel. The Predator has a a length of 6 inches and weighs in at 135g and boasts the same waterproof, dust-proof and ManCamping proof that the partner does. The lights will still run at full strength in -25C and for up to 5 hours at 50 meters depth… in case you REALLY made a mistake and need to find your keys at the bottom of the lake? We won’t ask what you need that for… just know that you have it. 

Finally: The Armytek Viking Pro V3 XHP50

This is the ManCamping recommendation light. It’s our go to for every adventure we go on.  The viking has an wild 2300 lumens and a mid range of 286 meters of beam distance. Still a far enough beam distance to find your lost whiskey around the fire, make your way through the thickest of brush trails or hunt down the raccoon that stole your beef jerky. It’s the same shape and size of the Predator, but weighs slightly less at 126g. We are still using our original Viking Pro V3 flashlight that we bought from Armytek back in 2012 and it hasn’t skipped a beat. These are reliable, tactical, military spec flashlights that are perfect for any ManCamper’s adventure. 

There a ton of flashlights out there that claim to be super bright and durable, but we can tell you these are the real deal. Armytek flashlights are even backed by a 10 year warranty and the ManCamping seal of approval.  There aren’t many pieces of camping gear that you will still be rocking in 10 years, but we can guarantee this piece will still be kicking. 

We have a handful of these Armytek flashlights to test out and make sure we liked them just as much as the other ones. We’d also like to let you guys in on the action. Starting today until March 1st, you can pre-order your Armytek flashlight and save 15% on any of the three new lights! Use “ArmytekPre” as discount code when ordering from our site. The link is below.  

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