News on our Bearded and Bourbon front!

Hey Everyone,

It’s been a while since we’ve posted and I wanted to share some news and what I’ve been working on! Well… some of what I’ve been working on anyway.

I’ve been busy working on creating and making my own line of of waxed canvas and leather goods (Our Bearded and Bourbon line), rather than just reselling others products. I like to create things myself and I have much more control over the quality of gear that I provide. (We won’t stop selling awesome brands, but we will be scaling some of them back).

Here is my latest… it’s an updated version of our Bearded and Bourbon Workspace ground cloth.

New colour, stronger rivets, lighter material… I’ve been asked many times for a darker coloured version of our Bearded and Bourbon Workspace Ground Cloth but I wanted to do a little more than change the colour.

So we upgraded the rivets to make it stronger 💪,  used the leather more efficiently as an anchor point,  used a phenomenal 10oz prewaxed canvas to make it lighter and created Bourbon Brown coloured Workspace 🥃.

The size remains unchanged at 22″ x 22″ and it’s still baptized in Bourbon as are all our products as a gesture of good luck and safe travels. (Using Elijah Craig currently)

Our Workspace has been used as:

•Firewood Hauler

•Clean/dry workspace

•Food prep area

•First Aid Arm Sling

•Dry sitting space

•Vehicular traction control (no really! Lol)

And lot’s more we haven’t heard about yet I’m sure. Hopefully soon we’ll have it available for sale. 

What do you think?

Scot ~ManCamping

One Response to “News on our Bearded and Bourbon front!

  • Luigi Rostirolla
    3 months ago

    Hi Scot, I ordered one of these back in January. What’s the status on delivery of these? Thanks!

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