Queen Elizabeth II Wildlands Boys Trip

Surprisingly, we were a little late getting out into the woods this year. A series of unfortunate events led up to it, but I won’t get into that as it’s not important. What is important is that we DID get out and we got out into a new park that we had never been to. The Queen Elizabeth II Wildlands. 

The usual suspects of ManCamping (Scot, Johnny, Bender and Brad) met up for beers a few weeks back to talk about where we wanted to go. Nothing and I mean nothing was accomplished that night other than a few beers, lots of ribbing and insulting of each others manhood and dinner.  This is pretty much normal for us and half the reason why we don’t bother to plan much. 🙂 

After no discussion at all, The QEII Wildlands was chosen and the route was super simple. Head lake to Fishog lake. Not a big trip, not a long trip, just a trip to get out into the woods with the boys. Do some swimming, some chilling by the camp fire, lots of whiskey and rum and just general relaxation. 

Johnny and Bender took the Friday off work and headed up and into the park to go locate the best campsite. I (Scot) had to wait for Brad to get off work.  Even after much peer pressure, Brad could not, scratch that – WOULD not take the Friday off.  We even suggested ways of getting out of work, such as “Shitting one’s pants” – They HAVE to let you go home if that happens right? lol 

QEII Wildlands Provincial Park

We got smart this trip and picked up a set of two way radios so that Brad and I could contact the others once we were on Fishog lake and they could tell us where exactly they were. Saving us from paddling around to every site on the lake looking for them. The radio’s had a 35 mile range. 35 miles my ass. The launch point on Head lake is only a few kilometers from the campsite on Fishog lake, yet the radios didn’t really work until we were almost at the bloody site! Oh well… they still did the trick. 

After an hour and a half of paddling an guessing where the start of the river that would lead us into Fishog lake was (Brad didn’t print a map), paddling down a great little stretch of river and a quick 100m portage, we reached Fishog lake and found our buddies. We were greeted by the site of our friends yelling “People of Earth, tonight there will be TWO MOONS in the sky” and the whitest rear ends you’ve ever seen in your life. Even in the fading light of the day, it was like a lighthouse beacon. Someone needs a tan. 

Queen Elizabeth II Wildlands Queen Elizabeth II Wildlands Provincial park

The boys had a pathetic little campfire going as they were to lazy to go find wood, so we made do and had a few beverages anyways. 

Saturday is kind of blurry as it sort of got away from us.  Lot’s of swimming, lots of sunburn, an afternoon nap and BAM – Dinner time and another fire. Since this is a ManCamping trip; We eat better than we would at home. Everything from Campfire borrittos to steaks to Bacon and Eggs in the morning and of course 5 pounds of beef jerky just because we can. We setup a camera to record all of our shenanigans for the day, but upon review… Not one minute of that footage will be posted here lol. Those conversations are not for the faint of heart hahaha. 

Just a little sunburnt today lol

The rest of the weekend was spent just enjoying the the wilderness, the quietness and the fact that John’s wife gave him the hall pass to go camping for once!  For the most part Fishog lake has many campsites but it didn’t seem to be too busy. The odd motor boat coming across the lake  but we only saw about two canoe groups the whole weekend. 

Queen Elizabeth II Wildlands provincial Park

On Sunday night, the lake was deathly quiet. You would assume it would be that way as most people would head home on Sunday night and go back to work on Monday.  We stayed. While hanging out around the campfire there was a brief pause in the music we had playing which set off all my alarm bells.  I’m not sure if you have ever heard it, but it is a terrifying sound. It happens just as the sun goes down and it means your not going to have a fun night. It is a low hum coming from all around you.  As far as I know, it is the sound of mosquitoes warming up there wings, preparing for an invasion of Pearl Habour proportions. They came out in droves! Thank fully they didn’t last a long time and we make sure to carry extreme bug dope with us.

Queen Elizabeth II Wildlands Provincial Park

Brad and I got up at an ungodly 4am to pack up our gear and head out so that Brad could make it home for a quick shower and then straight to work.  Again he wouldn’t listen to us about the idea of just going straight to work smelling of camp stank. Some people you just can’t reach. Johnny and Bender stayed until Monday afternoon. The 4am launch was not fun, but it was worth it as the lake was calm and no bugs were around yet. Even they didn’t get up that early.  


All in all, no one died, no one was injured and we got out for a three night weekend. Glorious first trip boys. Can’t wait for the next one. 

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