Reasons I’ve told my wife that I need to go camping.

8 Foolproof excuses to go camping when your other half doesn’t want you too. Actual reasons I’ve told my wife why I need to go camping.

The long weekend is coming up in a few short days. This usually marks the start of the paddling season for many people. But what do you do if your other half, doesn’t want you to go?

Luckily, this year my wife can’t wait to come with me, but other people aren’t always so lucky. Never fear, ManCamping is here to help. Below are some fool proof excuses that we’ve come up with to help you get out into the wild. Go on ManCamper… Through one of these reasons in the air and go enjoy your weekend. 

  1.  I’ve peed on things that I will lose ownership of if I don’t update my pee on again soon… Dogs and wolves do it…
  2. It’s good for my mental health and you constantly ask if I need help.. or of I’ve had myself checked lately.
  3. You need some time away from me.. your starting to swing that frying pan at me so hard your losing control of it.
  4. Reuniting my canoe with a lake is the most romantic thing I can think of.. you understand.. I’m doing this for love.
  5. I’m just going to go get some milk… (Comes back 3 days later)… With milk.
  6. I met a beaver tribe that have made me their king. I must lead my people.
  7. I’m going to see this guy about a new puppy. (Works EVERY time)
  8. Buy her a trip to Iceland.. Yes this has actually happened in the ManCamping world. I’m serious ?

Happy paddling!

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