Score 1 for Gut-Feeling, Score -1 For Brain

This is too funny not to share. 

A few weeks ago, I was talking to my friend Rob who was going on a Canoe trip through Killarney Provincial Park.  He invited me along on the trip and I was more than happy to go. All I need to do is find a paddle mate.  The trip was planned for Thursday to Sunday. It wasn’t a big loop, it was about 25km all together. However, I would have to find them out in the bush because we weren’t leaving till Friday. 

I made some half-assed plans with Matt Olsen from Paddle In. He didn’t really know about the plans because he was in Temagami with his family… I more or less just sent him a Facebook message telling him that as soon as he gets out of the bush, we were going right back in lol. When Matt came out of the bush, he had lost enough blood from the bugs that he need a transfusion and probably a break. So Matt had to decline. 

I contemplated going and finding Rob and his buddy solo, which I was fairly confident that I could do.  But there was something that was holding me back. Was it the bugs? Was it the weather? I couldn’t put my finger on it. I saw all kinds of photos from campers and canoeists online that were ravaged and pilfered by bugs in ungodly ways… but that has never stopped me before. So what was wrong? I packed my bag on Friday morning getting ready to leave… I decided to listen to my gut and declined to go. 

This morning I messaged Rob to see how the trip was and torture myself for not going.  His response: ” Hah. You must have dates mixed up. lol We’re going in July!” … Say what?  If I had gone, I would have been paddling my sorry ass around Killarney solo… cursing and swearing up a storm trying to find these guys, getting eaten alive by blackflies mosquitoes and pushing on wards due to pride, all just to spend a weekend alone in the woods.

I’m not opposed to the solo trip… I’ve done it before. However, due to the expectation that my friends were out here somewhere…  that would have been a trip report with about 1400 swear words written over and over and over again! I’ll get you guys the actual trip report when it ACTUALLY  happens in July. 

Lesson: Put the dates on the fridge… use a calendar… tell your wife the right dates so she can correct your dumb ass… or write the damn dates down. lol.



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