ManCamping’s Shop Opens To Stop The Spread Of Glamping is proud to finally announce that we are opening our online store!

We have done our research. We have been into countless retail camping shops, and we’ve looked at dozens of online shops. Coming to the same conclusion almost every time – Glamping products are taking over. Call us crazy, but you do not need a GPS that cooks dinner for you, reads you a bed time story, tucks you into your sleepbag and setups a laser reinforced perimeter fence around your campsite while you sleep. Do you? Do you need a butt warming camp chair with built in massaging functions? Man has been in the wilderness without all these items for a long damn time. We’re sure you’ll be fine with out items like these.


We decided to open up a store to bring you what you actually need – reliable wilderness gear that will support you when you make terrible decisions like we do. Items that you can count on, beat the crap out of, and still depend on year over year. Basically items, that pass the ManCamping test.


We will be adding products as we go, carefully testing each one to make sure it passes to the durability tests. So check back often.

Today we launch our store to stop the spread of glamping.  Help us put a stop to this terrible disease. 50% of all profits will go to the education and awareness campaign to stop Glamping. Together, we can beat this thing.

A link to our store is on the top right of of this page – Or you can click here:  Shop ManCamping.Ca

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