4 Coconut-Lime Margaritas – Dehydrated BarCountry Pocket Cocktail Mixers

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The Barcountry Pocket Cocktails – Maragrita

Sometimes you need something other than the taste of water or whiskey… How about  a BarCountry Margarita! That should hit the spot! 

4 Coconut-Lime Margaritas – BarCountry Dehydrated Pocket Cocktail Mixers

Just add water and spirits !

If want to elevate your camping experience, reward yourself once you’ve reach a summit or simply give the coolest gift, this is what you need. Bring brunch with you anywhere with this %100 Canadian product made by 2 outdoor enthusiasts buddies in Calgary!

Add 200 ml of water + 1 oz spirits | Shake & Enjoy

-All Natural Flavours
-No Preservatives
-Low Sugar
-Low Calories

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1 review for 4 Coconut-Lime Margaritas – Dehydrated BarCountry Pocket Cocktail Mixers

  1. Bill

    This was a perfect addition to our backcountry burrito night. Just add tequila and water, then shake and serve. Tastes like a margarita you’d make at home. There’s even a little saltiness so you don’t need to salt the rim of your glass.

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