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My greatest fear when backwoods camping is the lack of fire. Let’s face it; it is man’s greatest discovery. Gives you light, keeps you warm and cooking. Having dry tinder is great if you have a spark. In my experience, rain can come at any time and wet matches are not helpful. For these reasons, I now carry the Pyro Fire Piston with me on every trip. The Pyro Fire Piston creates an ember from any piece of dry tinder, anywhere and anytime. No worries about it getting wet and it can be used time and again.

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  • Precision made fire pistons with built-in storage compartments on either ends – Storing lubrication for the piston and dry tinder for creating embers. 
  • The piston rod unscrews to reveal a 64mm fire steel for when your looking for spark instead.

Fire Pistons have been around for centuries, but not like this one! No matches or lighters needed.  
What’s Included:

  • 1 X Fire Piston aluminium plunger
  • 1 X Fire Piston aluminium body
  • 1 X  64mm Firesteel 
  • Charcloth & Lubricant filled caps
  • Bag of spare seals
  • Easy to follow instructions

Piston length: 115mm
Piston weight: 80g
Firesteel length: 64mm


1 Year warranty for defects and workmanship.


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